Enhanced Potted Coil Production Has Found An Increase In Demand

Custom motor manufacturer, ARC System Inc. expands their potted coil production capabilities in response to railroad, oil processing, and other industries’ demands for high-performance stator assemblies.

Precision motor and motion control component manufacturer, ARC Systems Inc. has recently upgraded its potted coil production capabilities to meet with increased demand for more enduring stator assemblies.

With the addition of a new curing chamber and other potting equipment, the New York-based motor manufacturer and supplier has improved their ability to create custom potting coils. These components are used to manufacture tougher stators for railroad, petroleum, and other industrial applications. ARC Systems Inc. has also hired and trained new personnel and devoted a significant portion of their facility to accommodate the upgrade.

The adoption of a JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces 480 volt, 18KW curing oven was specifically in response to customer demand. ARC Systems Inc’s clients in the railroad industry found that the varnish coating on the stators used in track changing mechanisms wasn’t providing adequate endurance levels. This coating is adequate in many applications, but for stators that are subjected to environmental fluctuations or that generate higher temperatures, it’s necessary to conduct heat away from the assembly. ARC Systems Inc. saw this challenge as an opportunity to create a better option for OEMs of railroad, oil drilling, aerospace, and other equipment.

As a tougher alternative to varnish coatings, stator assemblies can be potted. The potting, as well as the housing, conducts heat away from the stator, which provides a temperature reduction of 10 to 20 degrees. The solution serves as a coil that can be made to a range of sizes, some as small as half-an-inch and others made upwards of five inches in diameter.

Special tools and a unique ratio of materials are used to create the potting. It can be cured at room temperature or using heat. No vacuuming is used in the process. Potted coils created through this method enable stator assemblies to perform in a range of exterior applications, including those that are exposed to a wide range of temperatures, moisture fluctuations, and other environmental conditions. The result is extended longevity, even in demanding settings. “It’s something that we offer any of our customers if the environments are such that they require more protection than a typical varnish job can give,” said ARC Systems Inc. manager, Donna Kirk.

With the motor manufacturer’s potted coil production nearly tripled, customers in need of high-temperature, high-performance stator assemblies can expect unparalleled service and order fulfillment. For more information on ARC System Inc’s potted coil capabilities, custom stator assemblies, and other precision manufactured motion control solutions, visit arcsystemsinc.com

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