Engenius Learning Centers open four New Tutoring Locations in Silicon Valley

Engenius Learning is celebrating the launch of their 4 new Tutoring Centers in the Silicon Valley area by offering a Free no obligation 3-Day Tutoring Trial at any one of their four locations.

Engenius Learning Centers have opened four Tutoring locations in Silicon Valley, all feature instruction in their unique 5 Keys to College program.

To celebrate the opening of their new centers, Engenius Learning are offering a no obligation 3-Day Free Tutoring Trial at any one of their four locations.

Engenius Learning Centers offers tutoring for all ages in all academic subjects. All of Engenius Learning Centers curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards as well as the current ACT, SAT and PSAT. All students are given a preliminary assessment in the core subjects. In addition to the core assessment, Engenius Learning also evaluate students’ learning styles and differences, and customize the curriculum and instruction to best serve their needs. Students begin tutoring to either remediate or advance their skills after the initial first session assessment.

Besides Common Core tutoring, Engenius Learning Centers offers academic tutoring in all subjects, ranging from basic math, reading and writing up to all Advanced Placement (AP) level subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus.

In addition, Mike Flynn, President/CEO, said that “all Engenius students are also instructed in the 5 Keys to College,” a program created by Flynn, a 30-year education industry veteran who has developed curriculum, large national tutoring and test prep companies.

Engenius Learning Center students also have available a free 24/7 Learning forum and content library, with access to all relevant articles, data, and research as well as expert opinion on the biggest questions in education.

Flynn also stated that “As classrooms go digital, we need to keep up with the times and create a blend of the classic paper and pencil learning along with the use of digital devices. We find that delivering content electronically matches the way students are being taught, yet we still require thinking and work to be done out in the open on paper. Our blended learning approach gives kids exactly what they need to be successful, our students have the comfort of a familiar learning environment yet we still have access to fix problems”

More information about Engenius Learning and details of their 3-Day Free Tutoring Trial can be found by visiting: http://engeniuslearning.com or by calling Mike Flynn at (408) 446-4956

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