Engenius Learning Centers launch custom learning curriculum in Silicon Valley

SAN JOSE February 20th, 2018. Engenius Learning is celebrating the launch of their customized learning curriculum for their 4 Tutoring Centers in the Silicon Valley area with a Free no obligation 3-Day Tutoring Trial at all locations. Further information can be found at http://engeniuslearning.com

Engenius Learning Centers have launched their customized learning curriculum for students in the Silicon Valley area. To celebrate, Engenius Learning are offering a no obligation 3-Day Free Tutoring Trial at any one of their four locations.

Engenius Learning have developed and implemented the new custom learning curriculum software program at all their four locations. As students progress, the curriculum automatically adjusts the difficulty to keep students moving at the right level of difficulty.

Mike Flynn, President/CEO said “while most learning systems are considered comprehensive curriculum programs, the Engenius system is sophisticated enough to adjust the curriculum to the student’s individual needs, therefore moving past skills a student has already mastered. In other words, we continually keep moving the student’s materials and difficulty level to match their next weakness, moving through material at a much more rapid pace than their competitors.”

Engenius Learning have also just enabled micro-lessons for all levels for students performing below grade level. Flynn says “students scoring below grade level have a skill and confidence gap, and continue to struggle because they are unable to grasp the larger steps required in the classroom. Micro-lessons set the focus on small, bite-sized skills where improvements that be seen in one lesson. These micro-lessons give the student more confidence and get them back up to grade level fast.”

The curriculum is tied to award points and badges for students as they complete lessons. Students will get a visual and audible notification of success, which reinforces the learning. Also, parents can access the learning portal at any time to review with their student what has been accomplished or compare our progress with the student’s school work to hone in on further weaknesses.

More information about Engenius Learning and details of the 3-Day Free Tutoring Trial can be found by visiting:

http://engeniuslearning.com or by calling Engenius Learning Centers at (408) 446-4956

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