Engaging Leaders To Change Organizational Culture – Barriers And Strategies

In an ideal world, leaders fully embrace the challenge of changing culture. Unfortunately, this rarely happens in reality. What are the barriers facing leaders and what strategies can they adopt?

Dr. Nancie Evans, co-founder of Culture Strategy Fit Inc. has recently published a new article on the topic of changing corporate culture and the role leaders need to adopt in order to facilitate this change and make it a success. The article outlines several barriers that prevent leaders from taking the necessary action to achieve a culture shift such as dealing with competing priorities and demands and the mistaken belief that culture is HR’s job. The article also outlines several possible solutions for better leader engagement by asking them what doesn’t work, learning to speak their language and translating their role as a leader into tangible actions.

Dr. Nancie Evans comment, “In an ideal world, senior leaders fully embrace the challenge of changing culture. This means role modeling the expected behaviors, reinforcing them in day-to-day practices, and creating the conditions for success. Unfortunately, I’ve found this rarely happens in reality. It isn’t that leaders don’t understand what it takes to be successful. When asked for examples from their experience, leaders can almost always come up with great stories of both successful and failed efforts. They totally get that they need to lead the way.”

The article provides an anecdote of a CEO of a transportation company and the process of engaging the leader, the questions that were asked. In the end of the process, the CEO began to understand that if the company was to be a well-oiled machine, the organization needed to strengthen the foundation and company culture.

Dr. Evans adds, “I invite leaders and CEO’s to read the article on our website and reflect on how they can play an instrumental role in changing or strengthening their corporate culture. I challenge them to ask some of the tough questions outlined in the article. What answers do they come up with?”

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About Dr. Nancie Evans

Dr. Nancie Evans is a culture and leadership expert who works with executives and their organizations to develop the personal and organizational capability required to deliver new strategies and capitalize on new business models. Her approach is informed by in-depth knowledge of the relationship between leadership behaviors and practices, culture and strategy. Her unique perspective helps our clients implement high impact organizational culture assessments systems, culture change roadmaps and organizational development plans to achieve sustainable change and improved performance.

– As a leadership and culture management consultant, Nancie provides organizational consulting to clients around the world in three key areas of expertise:

– Enterprise – For executives who must lead their organizations through significant transformation and leverage and strengthen their unique organizational DNA

– Leadership Teams – For those who must accelerate execution of organizational strategy, build leadership bench strength and develop cultural capabilities in their groups

– Executives – For individual executives working in complex, competitive organizations that need to take themselves and their groups through significant change in new ways

Nancie leads CSF’s Research and Assessment Center and has developed a unique suite of very sensitive, leading-edge diagnostic tools and approaches that provide leaders with deep insights into their behaviors, the culture of their organizations, how this is supporting or hindering strategy execution, as well as the levers they can use to proactively shape culture fit to future goals.

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