Engagement Rings Graded with AI Technology – The New Standard Announced

Rare & Forever® is using the latest state-of-the-art AI technology to pre-screen natural diamonds for brown, green, and milky (BGM) qualities.

Rare & Forever® Natural Diamonds now provides customers with a higher standard of diamond engagement rings using artificial intelligence rather than old-fashioned human grading techniques.

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With Rare & Forever®, customers can now be certain that they will receive a straightforward and objective diamond grading report, without the subjectivity and margin for error that’s been historically present for over 50 years.

As a premium wholesaler of diamonds and diamond jewelry, Rare & Forever® takes pride in being able to offer the best diamonds in the industry, by taking advantage of improvements in AI technology and applying them to diamond grading. Traditionally, diamond grading and the determining of a diamond’s value has been based on the human opinion of each diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight (known as the four Cs.) Though this has long made the process of buying diamonds confusing for customers, Rare & Forever® is now leading the way, grading their pieces with accurate, consistent AI.

All Rare & Forever® Natural Diamonds are hand-selected and obtained from ethical sources. They are first assessed tints of brown, green, and milky (BGM) qualities. These can reduce the value of a diamond, not to mention its brilliance and sparkle – but can be overlooked by a human subjective eye. BGM is also difficult to ascertain for customers purchasing diamonds online but is of no concern when purchasing from Rare & Forever®.

To provide their customers with diamond engagement rings of maximum brilliance, Rare & Forever® only offers Very Good and Excellent cut diamonds.

Rare & Forever® Natural Diamonds are not available for online purchase but through its network of qualified retail partners across the US. Through the buying process, customers will learn about diamonds with the help of an expert consultant. Rare & Forever® introduces a higher standard of engagement rings, ensuring that customers always have the best diamond to celebrate their love.

To learn more about Rare & Forever® Natural Diamonds, please visit https://rareandforever.com/pages/schedule-rf-consultation to book an expert consultation.

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