Energy-Efficient Windows Alone Might Not Be Enough To Withstand Winter

People living in cold state promptly look for efficient ways to keep their homes as warm as possible during the long winters.

America is a vast country, and it is diverse in so many ways. One of these diversities is its weather; as a different kind of weather can be found throughout the states.

People living in one of the cold states, like Alaska, Minnesota, or North Dakota, where temperatures go as low as -16.9 F, promptly look for efficient ways to keep their homes as warm as possible during the long winters. One of the best ways to control home temperature, in addition to conserving energy, is to choose energy efficient windows.

One of the first things homeowners should pay attention to is window frames. They should be completely sealed in a way to prevent drafts and air leakage. They should also be properly installed by a professional. For homeowners who do not mind expensive material that requires regular maintenance, the best window frame materials for cold weather are clad or wooden frames. Vinyl frames, on the other hand, are more budget-friendly and need less maintenance.

When it comes to the glass itself, it should always be double-glazed at the very least, or better yet, triple glazed. Double and triple glazed windows increase windows’ R-value, which measures the resistance of the window to heat conduction. Triple-glazed windows, in particular, are great options not only for their energy conservation features but also for their ability to reduce noise coming from outside.

In addition to frames and glass, homeowners also have a wide range of coatings and treatments that can be applied to windows in order to make them more energy-efficient. For example, glass with Low E-Coating reflects heat back to its source. It can reduce the amount of heat that manages to escape through windows, thus keeping a room warm for longer. This can also be extremely helpful in rooms with big picture windows or sliding patio doors.

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