Energy Corridor Divorce Lawyer Says An Attorney Can Help with Divorce Stress

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Energy Corridor Texas divorce lawyer Jim Mahan says a recent report about the impact of divorce on one’s career underscores the need to seek legal help for one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life.

In the report, the Orlando Sun-Sentinel quoted divorcees, lawyers and mediators in Katy, Texas who discussed the detrimental impact that the stress of a divorce can have on a person’s career or business.

“Going through a divorce can be difficult in many ways, but with an attorney focusing on the legal issues that are involved, a person should be able to focus on the other matters that are important to them, including their careers,” Mahan said.

Jim Mahan is the founder of The Law Offices of James T Mahan, a Memorial Texas divorce lawyer which assists clients in South Texas with divorces and related legal matters.

According to Mahan, an experienced Houston divorce lawyer will focus on each client’s situation and work hard to find solutions that meet the client’s unique goals.

For instance, the attorney can work towards a relocation agreement for a divorced parent that would allow the parent to maintain parenting time while also taking advantage of a job opportunity that requires a change in residence.

“As an attorney who has practiced family law for many years, and as an experience attorney myself, I know from experience that a person’s career can survive a divorce,” Mahan added. “But it’s important for the person to be fully informed about their legal rights and options and for them to work with attorney who will make sure those rights are protected.”

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