Energy Cleanse Therapy And Whole Body Swedish Massage by Fulham Physio Therapist

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Fulham clinic Marco Pasolini announced the launch of unique massage therapies, including Swedish and Thai massage, sports massage and energy cleanse therapy, that work therapeutically on the tissues of the body and are perfect for relaxing specific muscle fibers, reducing anxiety and pain perception.

Marco Pasolini Health clinic announced the launch of new energy cleansing therapy procedures and whole body Swedish massage treatment aimed at helping patients re-balance the whole body, heal tightness and regain their energy, strength, and fitness.

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The treatment procedures and massage therapies are new additions to the existing line of innovative physiotherapy treatments provided by the professional osteopaths and healthcare experts at the Fulham clinic.

Dr. Marco Pasolini stated: “Our osteopathic and massage techniques are precise and well adapted to boost a faster and long-lasting recovery and to help patients keep high performance!”

Associated osteopath Noemi Panella explained that the practice of Swedish massage combined stroking, kneading and the use of joint mobilization and stretches to help patients restore and maintain pain-free movement. “It consists of a number of different techniques designed to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation,” she said.

Meanwhile, the energy cleansing procedure works as a reset button for the patient’s energy. It helps remove blockages and negativity and rebalancing the energy field.

The clinic specializes in the following treatments and massage therapies: osteopathy, reflexology; sports massage; myofascial release; manual lymphatic drainage; aromatherapy; soft tissue release and trigger points massage, energy cleaning, Indian head massage, Swedish and traditional Thai massage; hot stone massage, and more.

The osteopathic therapies and massage procedures at the clinic are designed for men, women, toddlers, babies, and even pregnant women They are specifically tailored to each patient’s unique condition and health needs.

Marco Pasolini is a trained and certified osteopath. He’s also a pediatric healthcare giver and an expert in sports-related injuries.

Along with his team of healthcare experts at the Marco Pasolini Health Clinic, Marco provides first-rate and completely professional osteopathic healthcare services and massages.

Contact Dr. Marco Pasolini Health clinic to schedule an appointment by calling +44-20-3441-9013 or by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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