Energizing And Anti-Aging Eye Mask For Dark Circles Puffiness Wrinkles Launched

Tullabella launched its new eye gel masks with bamboo-charcoal fiber sheets infused with botanical extracts and skin-toning ingredients to help care for dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines or wrinkles and maintain or promote a natural, bright, and youthful look.

The popular Tullabella announced the launch of its Energizing Eye Gel Masks, comprised of bamboo charcoal mask sheets infused with natural botanical skin-toning extracts, for a premier, effective, and completely natural under-eye area skin care.

More information is available at http://tullabella.com.

Tullabella is a natural skin care brand providing premium and proven products specifically developed to effectively care for particular areas of the skin and help women maintain, recover or promote a healthy, bright and youthful look.

The business has announced the launch of its Energizing Eye Gel Masks with bamboo charcoal fiber mask sheets infused with natural botanic extracts and skin toning ingredients tailored to help hydrate, moisturize, and care for the under-eye skin area as well as diminish the appearance of dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.

The newly launched eye gel masks are infused with a serum instead of cream to ensure a refreshing feel without greasiness or stickiness after usage and employ bamboo-charcoal fiber sheets to help with the absorption of the serum that includes no parabens, mineral oils, petroleum or synthetic fragrances, to provide a completely natural and safe skin care treatment.

More information on the premier Tullabella eye gel masks and the range of natural ingredients and plant-based extracts serum specifically developed for under-eye are along with details on its skin care benefits and instructions on how to use and apply the bamboo-charcoal fiber masks can be consulted on the website link provided above.

Tulabella explains that “under-eye dark circles are often caused by the reddish-blue blood vessels, which become more obvious as we age, and also when tired from all-nighters or poor sleep quality and when suffering from allergies. As we age, the skin may also start to sag, and the fat that is normally around the eye can move into the area below the eyes making it more puffy or swollen”.

The popular natural skin care brand explains that “while important to address the puffiness, bags and dark eye circles at their root cause by living a healthy lifestyle, it is also helpful to slow the signs of premature aging by applying safe, natural eye treatments”.

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