Endeavour Hills Melbourne CCTV Security & Alarm Commercial Installation Launched

Endeavour Hills, Melbourne CCTV & security installation company Nootz Security Services has announced installation services for alarm and security systems for businesses. These services cover camera surveillance, intrusion detection, emergency response, audiovisual, and access control.

Endeavour Hills, Melbourne CCTV & security installation company Nootz Security Services announced the launch of installation services for alarm and security systems for businesses in the city. Nootz also offers bespoke communication, data, and audiovisual solutions.

More information about Nootz Security Services is available at https://nootz.com.au

The Melbourne alarm system installation company customises security systems for homes and offices including CCTV surveillance, theft prevention systems, access control, and alarm systems.

The bespoke security solutions company in Melbourne offers surveillance setups using HD analog & 1080p digital IP cameras, 180-degree and 360-degree cameras, wireless solutions, number plate identification, and 24/7 remote monitoring on smartphones. Nootz solutions also cover all types of retail point of sale (PoS) systems.

The team at Nootz installs professional residential and commercial alarm systems with intrusion detection systems, motion sensors, photoelectric beam systems, automatic dialers, and magnetic reed switches for banks and other high-security enterprises. The company also offers installation services for temperature, duress, medical, and smoke alarms for small, medium, and large businesses.

Nootz Security Services is a leader in electro-mechanical and digital access control solutions for businesses. Major access control solutions include biometric readers, swipe card systems, electronic and magnetic locks, and pin pads. The security solutions provider also provides cost-effective data, wireless, and telephony installation and maintenance services.

According to a spokesperson for Nootz Security Services, “With 10 years of experience in the security and telecommunications industry, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship using only the most reliable and secure products available on the market. We intend to provide our clients with complete solutions tailored to their business requirements, customer satisfaction and reassurance of total security.”

Nootz Security Services is a full-service data, communications, and security, and audiovisual solutions provider headquartered in Endeavour Hills, Victoria. More information is available over the phone at 433-633-777 and at the URL above.

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