EncrypGen Now Offers Codigo46 DNA Kits Forms Strategic Alliance With Health Wizz

EncrypGen, the blockchain solution company for the genetic market, announced today two strategic partnerships; Health Wizz, the first free mobile platform for consumers to efficiently and securely manage their health records, and Codigo46 to market DNA test kits.

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla, December 15, 2017 — EncrypGen, the blockchain solution company for the genetic market, announced today that it has entered into strategic partnership with Health Wizz, the first free mobile platform to allow consumers to efficiently and securely manage their various health records. In addition, EncrypGen also announced that it now sells Codigo46 DNA tests.

“Both developments are in anticipation of our imminent ‘MyGene-Chain’ service, which enables people to take control of their genomic data from testing to storage and to share it with their physicians. These developments have important, industry-wide implications. Consumers will finally have the ability to control their data and monetize it with EncrypGen’s proprietary $DNA token. Thanks to this vertical solution, no one will need to guess who owns and has access to their genetic data because the answer is simple: You Own You! These are the first of many anticipated strategic alliances to be announced by EncrypGen,” commented Dr. David Koepsell, CEO, EncrypGen, LLC.

Encrypgen Chosen as Preferred Vendor for Genetic Testing Services

EncrypGen and Codigo46 announced today that their partnership will now include the sales of Codigo46’s genetic testing kits through EncrypGen’s website at their new Preferred Vendor Storefront. EncrypGen’s blockchain genomics platform is built to ensure the security and privacy of genomic data, both for commercial entities and for individuals. The company’s flagship product – Gene-Chain – is a private, permissioned blockchain for the secure transmission of de-identified genetic data. The Gene-Chain allows individuals and companies, to safely store genetic test results while enabling scientists to search and purchase patients’ data and to pay individuals for the right to use it. Codigo46 bought EncrypGen’s first beta-license and offers genetic testing for ancestry, health, and pharmacogenomics.

EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain is Going Mobile with Health Wizz

EncrypGen is also announcing important strategic alliance with Health Wizz. The Health Wizz mobile platform leverages mobile, data management and blockchain technology to provide consumers with the tools they need to aggregate, manage and share their medical data with various stakeholders, including research organizations and pharmaceutical companies, all while ensuring data integrity and protecting patient’s privacy. The two companies will be working together to integrate EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain into the Health Wizz ecosystem over the coming months.

About EncrypGen

EncrypGen LLC, provides customers and partners best in class, next generation, blockchain security for protecting, sharing and re-marketing genomic data. We empower science, business and individuals to securely and efficiently achieve their goals.

EncryptGen Press Contact:

EncrypGen, CEO, Dr. David Koepsell



About Codigo46

Codigo46 is an emerging company leader in genetic testing services in Mexico. Codigo46 is partnering with world leaders in the genomic field to bridge the gap between the promises of personalized medicine and reality, with a genetic healthcare tool that is accessible for everyone. The Codigo46 report is a non-invasive test based on a buccal swab to obtain and analyze your DNA in order to give you personalized information about disease risk, pharmacogenomics and ancestry. At Codigo46 we believe genetic information is a powerful tool for each individual to take control of their wellbeing and together build a better and healthier future.

Codigo46 Media Contact:

Commercial Director, Montse Rivero



About Health Wizz

Health Wizz is a secure mobile platform that provides consumers with the necessary tools for aggregating, organizing and sharing their medical health records over the blockchain. Founded in 2016 by Raj Sharma, Dr. Nitin Desai and Sirish Bajpai, Health Wizz is on a mission to empower consumers with the necessary tools to better manage their health and medical records. Health Wizz is a member of The Health Record Banking Alliance (HRBA) and is a founding member of HL7 FHIR Foundation. For more information on Health Wizz, please visit www.healthwizz.com.

Health Wizz Press Contact:

Amanda Hundt, Spark for Health Wizz



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