EMT Trauma Shears Medical Stainless Steel Scissors Carabiner Launched On Amazon

A unique set of EMT trauma shears ideal for medical workers, combining surgical grade stainless steel and comfortable injection-molded handles with a patented built-in carabiner to clip them directly onto the waist, cutting anything from bandages and tape to leather, have been launched on Amazon.

A unique, convenient and potentially lifesaving stainless steel EMT trauma shears with a patented built-in carabiner, purposefully designed for EMS, doctors or nurses and ideal to cut anything fast, safely and efficiently, has been launched on Amazon.

More information is available at https://amazon.com/dp/B00DKDNLYG.

The sharp and curved professional grade medical scissors feature blades and rivets made from Japanese surgical stainless steel with precision milled serration along the blade to cut anything from bandages and tapes to leather or seatbelt webbing fast, safely and efficiently, supported by smooth injection-molded handles offering a large and comfortable opening for the hands.

Developed by John Fisher, a U.S. Army veteran drawing on his real life field experience to invent new products for the medical field that improve on performance, efficiency and convenience, the premium EMT trauma shears also include a patented and steel-reinforced built-in carabiner for easy access by conveniently clipping the shears directly onto the waist.

The fast, safe and efficient medical scissors, ideal for any surgical, medical and nursing purposes, are also autoclavable at 290F/143C for hospital use and measure 7.5 inches from the tip to the handle, the standard size for hospitals, operating rooms or ERs, and supported by a high quality manufacturing process to ensure a durable set of shears that remains sharp.

More information on the newly announced premium and unique EMT trauma shears with a patented built-in carabiner, ideal for EMS, doctors or nurses and available in black, blue, red and neon pink, along with multiple testimonials and customer ratings can be consulted on its Amazon storefront at the link provided above.

The developer, John Fisher, explains that “these fast, safe and efficient EMT trauma shears make life easier for medical workers everywhere. They cut anything from bandages to leather to seatbelts fast and safely every time, the injection-molded handles are large and comfortable, and the carabiner is a welcome innovation to keep them within reach at all times”.

He adds that “they are a unique, patented improvement on the ubiquitous disposable EMT shear and we’re proud to reveal that we’ve had incredible feedback from those working in the medical field who have been using our unique trauma shears. They have been called by medical workers the best trauma shear they’ve ever had”.

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