Empty Leg Charter Flights Europe Ski Resorts Cheap Private Jet Report Launched

A new report has been launched highlighting the benefits of private jet travel through empty leg flights. These allow customers to get discounted rates while enjoying the same features of chartered travel.

A new report has been launched focusing on the benefits of flying “empty leg” flights and saving money on private jets. Those vacationing and holidaying in the best ski resorts in Europe can save up to 75% while flying and find some great deals.

More information can be found at: https://privatejetstar.com/emptylegs

The new report highlights that it’s normally an expensive process flying on a chartered jet. For example, customers will usually be looking at costs of between $5,000 to $20,000 per hour.

However, it goes on to detail that through utilizing the flexibility and opportunity of empty legs from Europe’s most popular ski airports, customers can save money.

This allows them to experience the luxury lifestyle of flying a private jet without the traditional expense.

Empty leg flights are generated when a private jet has to reposition, whether that’s to return to a base airport or change direction for its next charter flight.

Every time a private jet is booked, it needs to return empty to its home base or reposition to its next assigned airport. This is similar to what a taxi needs to do on the ground in between certain journeys.

The report explains that if a private jet flies back empty to its home base, the opportunity for a discounted empty leg flight opens up.

When flying through empty leg bookings, customers can still enjoy all the same benefits of private jet travel. Yet they don’t have to worry about the high costs mentioned above.

Aircraft operators usually sell these flights at discounted rates as a means of recouping some of the cost of the flight. Savings of up to 75% can be found when booking an empty leg flight.

The report highlights Villiers as an example of one of the best flight providers selling empty leg flights. Villiers provides a list of upcoming empty leg flights on its website with regular updates.

Customers looking to save time and money while enjoying the benefits of private jet flight can find out more on the link above.

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