Empowering Health Professionals with Precision Medicine and the Omics Revolution

The International Academy of Precision Medicine launches a 10-week webinar series, which will teach cutting edge knowledge concerning Precision Medicine (functional medicine testing and genomics).

The International Academy of Precision Medicine (IAPM) strives to promote worldwide education for healthcare professionals regarding precision medicine. This month, the organization announces the launch of a series of webinars, with the purpose of providing relevant information about genomics. The webinar series, “Empowering Health Professionals with Precision Medicine and the Omics Revolution,” is led by Dr. Charles Gant, Director of Education and Training for the IAPM.

The innovative topic should be taught in medical schools, but unfortunately, it is not. Learning from and participating in the series will help a medical professional become a leader in the field.

“Genomics is expected to revolutionize medicine and will become an integrative component that unifies various fields,” said Dr. Charles Gant. “Epigenetic expression may be changed through a number of treatments or habits, including energetic treatments, supplements, herbal remedies, drugs, psycho-spiritual interventions, diet, and more. Genomic analysis and treatment can benefit people who are found to have certain common, important and modifiable single nucleotide polymorphisms.”

Just a year ago, President Obama started an initiative for precision medicine, which seemed like an idealistic mission. Awaiting conclusions made by not yet designed supercomputers that sort out complex data gives the impression that the initiative will take place far in the future. While medical professionals anticipate the data that will be gained, International Academy of Precision Medicine claims that now is the time to practice precision medicine (functional medicine and genomics) and that it can be directly applied to routine evaluations on current patients. Utilizing this type of medicine may enable practitioners to get to the root cause of a disease.

The educational webinar series includes case studies of real life medical interventions using genomics and functional medicine. The 10-week educational program is made up of case presentations, in which professionals are encouraged to participate in discussions. Current topics are: the genomics of phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification, the genomics of methylation, the genomics of neurotransmitter and hormonal synthesis, the genomics of mitochondrial DNA, the genomics of specialized genes, integrating genomic approaches to complex clinical cases, and more. Healthcare professionals may also bring case studies to the webinar to be discussed by all the attendees.

Participants will be able to learn from the just released text book, “SNPBit Compendium 1,” and may receive a 10% discount on the purchase of the book by using the provided discount code. Additional reading material, medical knowledge and clinical insights will be imparted to members during the series.

Three bonus webinar series will be offered to medical professionals that participate: “Grand Unified Theory of Mind/Brain Function,” “The Roadmap to Wellness Requires Understanding Methylation,” and “Depression—Probably Not What You Think It Is”. Medical professionals are encouraged to sign up for a membership and participate in the educational webinars.

The webinar series occurs every Wednesday for 10 weeks and all will be recorded.

Visit http://internationalacademyofprecisionmedicine.org… to learn more and to become a professional member. Members receive discounts on IAPM products and programs, a newsletter and access to educational webinars.

About International Academy of Precision Medicine, Inc.:

International Academy of Precision Medicine is a non-profit organization that educates the general public and healthcare professionals about precision medicine (functional medicine and genomics). This includes programs for the treatment of chronic medical and psychiatric disorders. Currently, the organization offers a lead poisoning treatment program and gene testing and functional medicine analysis programs. To learn more about the healthcare of the future that is here now, visit http://internationalacademyofprecisionmedicine.org

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