Employee Retention Credit Processing – 2022 Update CARES Act Service Launched

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Employee Retention Credit Claims (888-999-3004) has launched a new service that helps employers across the US to secure tax credit with the IRS under the CARES Act. The funds available are limited and the company recommends that businesses file as soon as possible.

This launch introduces a new service built around accuracy and speed, with efficient filing systems designed to help employers support their businesses by accessing much-needed funds.

More details can be found at https://employeeretentioncreditclaims.com

As businesses attempt to recover from the financial impact of the current pandemic, Employee Retention Credit Claims’ recent launch offers a reliable path to stability facilitated by the CARES Act.

The CARES Act was established in 2020 to reduce potential losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic and provide businesses with sufficient aid to help them keep their workforce. Under the Act, eligible employers can apply for a non-repayable tax credit of up to $33,000 per employee. As of 2021, an amendment to the CARES Act included PPP loan recipients to the number of eligible applicants.

Employee Retention Credit Claims offers services that help employers file claims for the Employees Retention Credit program created under the CARES Act. The company processes credit claims for operations carried out in 2020 and 2021 and is currently focused on business employers who have between 2 to 250 employees.

Clients can expect to receive complete guidance on the filing process, which ensures that they are 100% compliant with IRS requirements for a tax credit. Because of limited funds under the program, the company focuses on providing all the resources needed for clients to get approved on time. This includes easy application systems, fast evaluations, and a swift response time.

Employee Retention Credit Claims uses a secure client portal, which is guaranteed to protect sensitive information provided on tax credit applications.

About the Company

Employee Retention Credit Claims is a licensed CPA that specializes in processing ERC tax credit claims on behalf of businesses and individuals.

A representative said, “Our professional ERC claim experts have proudly helped many businesses across the country. Each claim is expertly prepared and quality-checked with our in-house algorithm to ensure a maximized, accurate, audit-proof claim at industry-leading speed. We always stay 100% IRS compliant and we will stand behind our clients if any questions or audits arise down the road.”

For more information, please visit https://employeeretentioncreditclaims.com

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