Employee Performance Management – Compensation/HR Appraisals Tool Launched

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Percival is a newly launched performance management software for HR managers to increase bonus and compensation transparency. It is an alternative to the traditional appraisal system, which can be stressful, expensive, and hard to understand.

The new HR tool can be added to any agile compensation strategy that aims to motivate employees, increase transparency, and reward those who deserve it. Percival is an online tool that determines the bonus or reward each employee should receive based on individual feedback and an algorithm.

More details can be viewed at https://youtu.be/zedpalkWMFo

Setting a fair salary or reward scheme for team members across multiple disciplines and roles has traditionally been challenging for HR managers. But with Percival, these issues can now be overcome through collaboration.

The new online tool collects appraisal data from team members. The data is then analyzed to decide the reward each employee will receive. This reduces the likelihood of dissatisfaction in the long term. It is ideal for teams or companies that use a flat hierarchy approach.

It is an agile compensation technique that can be used to decide bonus or incentive pay, as well as annual salaries. Agile compensation has grown in popularity as an HR tool, as it offers pay transparency across diverse workforces and motivates employees.

Performance-based earnings incentivize employees while increasing their efficiency as they are rewarded for reaching predetermined targets or milestones. However, it has its downsides. For instance, many HR managers struggle to decide the reward each employee deserves based on their performance in relation to their role, salary, and position within the company.

Percival helps HR managers overcome this by giving employees an active role within the compensation process. It empowers them to reward their colleagues for the work they have completed and the role they have played.

This approach can bring teams together and nurture a collaborative work environment. In addition, it acknowledges the unique perspective of each team member.

A satisfied customer wrote: “One of our biggest challenges was the salary review process. Percival helps us a lot, the team can quickly make the appraisal and the results we get are the foundation for our decisions.”

To find out more, interested parties are encouraged to visit the link provided. Alternatively, more details are available at https://www.percival.live/blog

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