Employee Feedback System – Intuitive AI Chatbot SaaS For HR Software Launched

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Weeve announces an updated version of its employee engagement feedback software system. It uses an emotionally aware AI chatbot named Kim to receive concerns from employees.

Weeve LLC, an employee feedback software, announces an update to several of its features. The human resources solution uses an emotionally aware AI chatbot named Kim who is capable of having organic conversations with employees at scale.

More details can be found at https://www.weeve.ai/post/the-new-world-of-remote-work

The updated software continues Weeve’s mission to build happy and successful teams. With Kim, the software can receive anonymous feedback from employees, which allows managers to have unique and actionable insights on their teams. Kim uses the latest technologies to be an emotionally aware feedback system.

Recent market research shows that one of the indicators of a company’s success is its employee retention rate. Businesses that have a high turnaround rate of employees often have a difficult time increasing their revenue. That is why many financial experts suggest that companies have a good employee feedback system, especially one that leverages an emotionally intelligent AI chatbot.

Weeve was developed to help more local businesses have an on-the-ground insight of their employees and their feelings about their work. It utilized cutting-edge technology to make Kim, an empathetic AI that allows employees to give honest yet anonymous feedback.

The AI chatbot technology benefits companies in improving their employee retention rate. Now, the human resources department can gather pertinent information from their employees faster and be able to develop actionable strategies on their concerns.

Kim eliminates the need for surveys and automated responses to employee issues. Weeve gives upper management a specialized toolset to better engage with their employees.

As part of its update and in response to the pandemic, the complete platform is available to new users at no charge. Further, all the updated tools will be publicly available for all organizations, in perpetuity. This announcement was made to help more companies communicate more effectively with their employees.

Currently, Weeve can be integrated into Slack and Microsoft Teams.

A spokesperson of the company wrote, “Unfortunately most companies do not have an adequate process in place to respond to employee needs. Weeve is seeking to change that.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.weeve.ai/post/the-new-world-of-remote-work

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