Empire Digital Signs Works to Make Digital Menu Boards More Affordable

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Empire Digital Signs, a Rochester based digital signage company, has collected and tested technology that will make digital menu boards more cost-effective for business of all sizes. The goal is to help all business owners, but particularly smaller restaurants who originally considered this technology out of their price range, place digital menu boards in their locations to improve business.

Digital Menu Boards are an aspect of digital signage that allow restaurant owners to publish their menus on commercial grade LED screens as opposed to the traditional printed menus. With the sky rocketing prices of traditional software, restaurant owners are typically using USB drives to upload content to a screen. This limits the digital menu board capability. Digital signage software allows for restaurant owners to make changes to multiple displays from a single remote location, schedule content to publish at specific times and zone their screens.

Empire Digital Signs has taken the high monthly subscription fees for digital signage software out of the equation. In the past, those who wanted to implement this software in their business would have to pay a fee for every single screen. Numbers were adding up and digital menu boards seemed out of reach for smaller organizations. Not only is the price for Empire Digital Signs software almost cut in half, but users pay for one cloud of storage that can be used across multiple screens.

“In my opinion, locally owned restaurants are what make our market in Rochester, New York is so unique,” says Empire Digital Signs President Wayne Didas, “We were tired of leaving these businesses out of the digital signage equation. As an integration company, we have the capability to play around with different components of the system to find the most affordable, yet capable combinations. We are confident to announce that we are now able to provide a reliable system at a price that local businesses can fit into their budgets.”

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