EMP Natural Disaster Survival Skills Guide Emergency Preparedness List Launched

SurvivalChops.com, the expert survival site, has launched a new guide they are giving away to help people stay safe and protected when the worst happens. It is designed to be easy to follow for all from the inexperienced newcomer to the seasoned veteran.

A new survival guide has been launched by SurvivalChops.com, focusing on the essential survival gear needed to be ready for any disaster situation. It teaches imperative wilderness survival skills and includes a printable checklist of critical supplies to have on hand when forced out of populated areas and into the back country.

More information can be found at: https://www.survivalchops.com/guide-PR1.

The guide has easy to follow instructions for the most inexperienced newcomer to the seasoned veteran. It covers all the important aspects of preparedness, survival and self sufficient living in emergency situations.

SurvivalChops.com is an expert survival and emergency preparedness site that offers a wide range of articles and reports across a number of subjects. These include general survival skills, pepper supplies, self defense, concealment, independent off-grid living, alternative power generation, raising livestock, financial protection and more.

As part of the survival guide launch, SurvivalChops.com has released a new article on the seven most likely causes of critical events that could leave people in a desperate situation. It explains that all people have a tiny creeping fear in the back of their minds that something could go wrong at any time.

The new article from SurvivalChops.com breaks down some of the most likely causes for catastrophe, and what people can do to be prepared for it when the worst happens. Readers can benefit from the valuable information in this new survival guide when it comes to ensuring themselves and their families are safe and prepared for any situation.

Among the list of possible causes for disaster include a massive power disruption, whether from natural sources or man made. The report explains that when faced with EMP situations, the best measure is to be ready to survive without electricity based amenities.

Other potential problems include a natural disaster, an economic collapse, terrorism, a health crisis, or experiencing martial law or a cyber attack. In these instances it’s important to be prepared to stand the best chance of survival, and it’s here where the new survival guide can help.

Full details can be found here: https://www.survivalchops.com/7causes-PR1

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