Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Skills & Behaviors Coaching Program Announced

Master of Business Leadership, a coaching program based on a proven and tested emotional intelligence system and training tailored to help foster an authentic and effective leadership or business relationships and improve self or team performance and achieve better results, has been announced.

A new business leadership coaching program called Master of Business Leadership (MBL), teaching a premium emotional intelligence system tailored to help improve self or team performance and results in any industry, has been launched.

More information is available at http://masterbusinessleadership.com.

Master of Business Leadership (MBL) is a business leadership training program based on 25 years of research and experience as a highly renowned and effective coach for multiple global corporations and hundreds of individuals by the Master of Business Leadership, Inc., founder and CEO, Phil Johnson.

The MBL coaching program and its proven emotional intelligence training are delivered in a flexible manner and focus on addressing the gap between education or knowledge and emotional intelligence by learning and applying new habits and skills that foster the kind of authentic, trusted and effective leadership or business relationships that can improve self or team performance and the organization’s results.

The proven methods are tailored for each individual or group and can be applied in any industry to lead an organization or team more effectively, raise employee morale and engagement, close more deals or generate more referral business from existing clients by deepening and improving relationships or customer service, managing and implementing change or improving and developing organizations, getting out of emotional dead-ends or work related anxiety, and more.

Free consultations with Phil Johnson and more information on the newly announced Master of Business Leadership coaching program along with its premium emotional intelligence system and its proven benefits or results can be requested or consulted on the website link provided above along with multiple testimonials and success stories.

Master of Business Leadership explains that “emotional intelligence is a separate, specific set of flexible skills that once improved, can be applied in any given situation to act intelligently and get more positive results. Many spend years accumulating knowledge, but they don’t do the work needed on emotional intelligence, which is demonstrably more important. And, unlike IQ or personality, which to some extent are fixed, it is possible to improve emotional intelligence greatly.

The business adds that “emotional intelligence has been measured to be responsible for 58% of job performance. In 33 workplace skills, it ranked at number 1 in terms of importance and that’s why 75% of the Fortune 500 uses emotional intelligence training. When interacting with people, making decisions, implementing systems or communicating, emotional intelligence is the key to unstoppable success.”

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