Emotional Emotional/Sensitivity Coach – Behavior Change Group Training Launched

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Dr. Tracy Inc. has launched their VIP Group Training Program for emotionally sensitive people. The program teaches clients to regain control of their emotions and develop emotional strength.

Dr. Tracy Thomas, Ph.D., has announced the launch of her VIP Group Coaching Program. Dr. Tracy is a renowned psychologist and emotional scientist who has spent over 20 years as an innovator in the field of emotional sensitivity.

More information is available at https://www.drtracyinc.com/vip-group-coaching

The launch of the VIP Group Coaching Program aims to help clients reframe their emotional sensitivity and learn to view it as a source of personal strength rather than weakness.

Emotional sensitivity is the tendency to experience strong emotions, and it is often characterized by a lack of emotional control. This lack of control can manifest in self-sabotaging behavior, including substance abuse, overeating, and impulsive spending.

Unmanaged emotional sensitivity can even lead to anxiety, depression, and feelings of shame. However, with the right guidance, emotionally sensitive people can be trained to use their powerful emotions to their advantage. In fact, Dr. Tracy argues that emotionally sensitive people are among the world’s most influential leaders.

In collaboration with her team of master emotional sensitivity coaches, Dr. Tracy employs her expertise to teach clients to regulate their emotions. Beyond coping strategies, the expert psychologist teaches clients to overhaul their emotional systems.

In the program, clients undergo emotional strength training to harness the power of their emotional sensitivity. The program’s mentors teach clients to develop a strong emotional foundation that allows them to pursue their goals with confidence.

Dr. Tracy’s colleague, Master Coach Christina, hosts weekly sessions that help clients to act intentionally rather than reacting to their emotions. Further, clients can access Dr. Tracy’s emotional strength library, which includes over 125 hours of educational resources.

Finally, joining the VIP Group Coaching Program provides clients with access to an exclusive Facebook community. Community members can share successes and offer advice to support each other on their journey to emotional control.

A satisfied customer said: “With Dr. T, I became very clear about what I wanted my life to be, I just had no idea how to make it happen because I always seemed to self-sabotage. By reprogramming all of my emotional sensitivities into strengths, there’s nothing that stops me from meeting my goals anymore.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.drtracyinc.com

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