Emily Chang’s ‘The Spare Room’ Becomes an Amazon Best Seller

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Emily Chang’s evocative guide to intentional living in ‘The Spare Room’ has reached the Amazon Best Seller charts

Emily Chang’s ‘The Spare Room – Define Your Social Legacy’ has become a firm favorite with readers, and a leader in Amazon’s Best Seller lists.

Her book helps and guides readers from all walks of life to lead a more intentional life and lead with authentic purpose.

Emily’s new book, available to buy here, interweaves heart-wrenching personal stories of those that her family welcomed into their lives and how they have helped to redefine their lives.

The Spare Rooms helps readers to first identify their Offer – the resource they readily have to hand and uniquely positioned to offer that someone else desperately needs. It helps articulate a reader’s Offense – a particular injustice that stops them in their tracks and translates into a calling for action.

Between the Offer and the Offense, rests a person’s Social Legacy – the ability to lead and live a more impactful and meaningful authentic life.

Emily Chang is a seasoned executive who has worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies like Procter & Gamble, Apple, and Starbucks.

Over the last 22 years, her job has brought her and her family to eight different homes across the U.S. and China. And everywhere she’s lived, Emily has found herself at the unique intersection of her Offer and Offense.

Life has presented young people, who having been abused, neglected, or marginalized, finding the sanctuary of her spare room. Among her deeply personal accounts, Emily shares heart-wrenching stories of an emotionally abused child bride, a dying baby boy born with hydrocephalus, and the abused daughter of a local prostitute.

With the 16 young people she and her family have cared for, Emily has found that living into her Social Legacy has not only deeply enriched her home life, it has also enabled her to become a more authentic and relatable leader in the workplace.

Each time she opened the door to her spare room, Emily found herself in a front-row seat, witnessing one of life’s incredible stories unfold. Integrating work and life, she introduced her spare room kids to colleagues and encourages her team members to invest in their Social Legacies.

“The Spare Room will take readers through a series of thought-provoking exercises to help define their social legacy. By the last page, they will have identified, unpacked, and written out a personal action plan,” she confidently asserts.


Emily Chang is the CEO of McCann Worldgroup, China. Before accepting this new role, she took a year off to write The Spare Room, the topic of her first TEDx Talk. Before that, she served as CMO for Starbucks China, where she cared for the teams that helped open the first Starbucks Roastery outside of Seattle and commercialized the brand’s digital gifting and delivery programs. Lotus (Chapter five) lived with Emily’s family while she worked at Starbucks.

A strategic business leader with over 20 years of experience, Emily is known for globalization, cross-cultural team leadership, and innovative brand building. Recognized for her ability to drive change and renew organizations, Emily approaches opportunities with an entrepreneurial mindset to establish a culture, set a vision, and build capability. She is known first and foremost as a people leader and team builder.

Prior to Starbucks, Emily was the Chief Commercial Officer for IHG, Greater China, where she looked after 320 hotels and an extended team of 5,200 members. While she was at IHG, Emily’s family cared for five kids, including Teo (Chapter four).

Moving to Shanghai in 2011, Emily led the marketing organization that established the face of Apple Retail in the Asia Pacific. While working at Apple, Emily’s family cared for three young people, including Jaesin (Chapter three). She first developed her General Management, Marketing, and Brand expertise at Proctor & Gamble. Five young people shared her spare room in the 11 years that Emily worked at P&G.

Today, Emily sits on the board of SOS Children’s Villages and has spoken at select conferences and events, including the Fortune Most Powerful Women’s Summit in Hong Kong, C2 in Montreal, and has delivered three TEDx Talks. In her free time, Emily loves to teach, read, and write. She challenges herself to learn a new “big thing” every year.

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