Emerging Business/Culture Oriented Podcasts For Listeners Who Think Differently

Emerging Business/Culture Oriented Podcasts For Listeners Who Think Differently. For thinking-minded listeners, these 3 podcasts offer 3 ways to think about all kinds of cool stuff in new ways.

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“How, what and why” Mark the Emerging Podcasts This Last Quarter of 2020 for Listeners Who Like to Think Differently

Think about your idea. Think about how you launch it. Think about its impact on pop culture. Then, finally, go even deeper and think, not about the when, what and how, but the why?—Why it is the way it is. For thinking-minded listeners, these three podcasts offer three ways to think about all kinds of interesting stuff in new ways.

Research points to that fact that listeners list thinking differently or learning new things as the main reason they select to certain podcasts. In fact, according to a Statista 2019 finding, a whopping seventy five percent of listeners pick podcast to learn new things.

Three rising podcasts, fresh to the market in 2020, seem to fit the bill the best: How I Built This, Decoder Ring, and The Obvious Isn’t. These three deliver the gravy for the thinking person’s train. Considering hopping on that train? Let’s take a deeper, thoughtful look.

How I Built This is a new NPR-produced entry into the podcast market. Never short of interviewees, and always strong on inspiration, How I Built This is hosted by Guy Ruz, who interviews the entrepreneurs, innovators, and motivated business owners who built businesses, products or services, and success. It carries that traditional one-two punch: The why didn’t I think of that that we all sometimes feel, and the inspirational stories of those who made their idea come to life, even, successful. This is what they did and how you can find inspiration through what they, well, built.

Decoder Ring examines things already built, specifically those things, trends, or ideas which have had an unexpected large social impact—for better or worse we should add. With host Willa Paskin, it explores creators or influencers and their background stories as backdrops to explore why they mattered or what their impact tells us from cultural point of view, including what it might be telling us about our society and the future. For example, many may know of the famous then suddenly infamous song by Rebecca Black that saw more views on Youtube than any other in 2011. (Now up to over 147 million views). The intense negative, even explosive, bullying it received unexpectedly revealed the hidden ugly beast called online bullying. It was indeed “a harbinger of the future,” as Willa explains.

The Obvious Isn’t is the newest of these three podcasts, but it is made enticing to any thinking person given its deeply thought provoking host, Winston Perez, who is an award winning author, founder of concept modeling, who delves into concept-based thinking and how the abstract world works, which he uses professionally in deconstructing Hollywood movies, tech and businesses. This podcast walks listeners through the art of deconstructing things through the step by step creation of a concept model— current one on baseball with The Beatles and movies soon to follow— which he then uses to analyze the true nature of that idea, thing, business, movie or technology. For example, his deconstruction of American baseball suggest many historians have got it wrong since almost all of them believe baseball comes from Europe. The difference is an approach based, not on words, but the essence of the sport—concept-based thinking. Amazingly, his case is both strong and fascinating. As the host suggests, ideas and concepts are two different things and this approach or understanding may change the way you think, forever.

So, if you want to get inspired, have a cultural impact, or learn to think like the Einsteins of world history, here are three offerings to help get you well on your way. Think about that.

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