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United States-based Weather Vane Survival Supplies has announced the launch of their natural disaster and emergency preparedness kits to keep customers prepared, supplied, and safe.

United States-based Weather Vane Survival Supplies has announced the launch of their natural disaster and emergency preparedness kits. This new collection of kits is intended to keep customers prepared and supplied in case of weather-related or other unexpected issues.

More information is available at https://weathervanesurvivalsupplies.com

The survival kits by Weather Vane Survival Supplies are intended to provide families with the resources to stay fed, safe, and sheltered during a number of emergencies. One of these kits is the Family Camo Wheel Road Kit, which is intended to be an essential item stored in the trunk of a car and features food and water, shelter and warmth, and ways to communicate, as well as a bundle of first aid products.

The collection of kits also feature more specific kits for families looking to address one or two of the above needs. The Family Camo Blackout Kit focuses on light and communication with flashlights and emergency bright sticks, shelter and warmth, and a deluxe first aid kit.

By launching an array of kits, Weather Vane Survival Supplies aims to provide options for different types of families. That includes animals, as well as the Deluxe Cat Red Backpack Survival Kit includes the necessary supplies for cats, including emergency food and water, waste bags, a reflective leash, and a survival blanket as well as a similar one for dogs.

The newly released kits are also intended to be used in disaster situations, especially when customers are faced with navigation, transport, personal protection, or shelter troubles. The firm suggests the 10 Person Potty Bucket Survival Kit, intended to last for 72 hours or more. In addition to food, water, shelter, and warmth, this kit includes tools like knives, gloves, duct tape, and N95 masks.

In addition to providing resources for families, the now-available kits may also be used in other settings, like the classroom. The company’s Deluxe Classroom Potty Bucket Lockdown Kit has the necessary components to allow a classroom of 30 people to go through an emergency lockdown situation, including a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet lid attachment.

The aim of the new survival kits packs by Weather Vane Survival Supplies is to ensure their customers are prepared for any type of emergency, natural or otherwise. These kits can be supplemented with individual products like protective gear, electronics, first aid, and water purification, among others.

More information on pricing and the contents of each survival kit, including placing an order, can be found at the link above.

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