Woodbury, NY – The Lodestone Covid-19 Global Medical Summit held its first emergency session for OB/GYNs on Thursday, March 26th for thousands of doctors from all around the world on the front lines of the pandemic. Doctors from Wuhan, China, Brescia, Italy, and New York City all compared notes and developed global best practices for front-line medical personnel who treat sick patients every day.

The Summit is available to medical practitioners at no charge.

Dr. Steven Palter is the director of the Summit. He is the former clinical chief of reproductive medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and is now the CEO of Lodestone Technology, based in the NYC metro area. “Our world is more connected than ever before, which is why the Covid-19 pandemic is such a terrible threat to every one of us,” Palter said. “However, that same interconnectedness can help us spread the ‘knowledge virus’ even faster, so with best practices and proper equipment we can all beat this virus together.”

The White House Covid-19 Task Force is participating in this Summit and is fully committed to the mission of protecting physicians and other medical personnel at the front lines of the pandemic. “This is a very important gathering,” said Dianne Querbal, the Presidential Appointee to the Covid-19 Task Force, and the White House Liaison to HHS, FEMA and the USTDA. “To talk to the physician community about what is before us. Together, we face a fearsome, gruesome enemy.”

In addition to the White House Covid-19 Task Force, the NY Dept of Health, Greater NY Hospital Association, NY State Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics, NICHD, NYS Perinatal Quality Collaborative, and NYS American College Ob/Gyn and March of Dimes are all making the Summit available to constituents.

By rapidly disseminating information, and coming to a consensus quickly about how to proceed, the global medical community can help to outrace the spread of infection and save lives. Each of these sessions is conducted as a one-hour, interactive, dynamic online, virtual conference.

“What we do now at the forefront will really help our communities to experience less harm in the long run,” said Querbal. “This is an important message for us to get across.”

The Summit uses Lodestone’s proprietary, patented Journal Club Live Platform as featured in the premier science journal, Nature. This platform enables full interactivity between speakers and audience, who share cutting edge data and front line experience. Together the speakers and the audience come up with consensus for immediate clinical action.

“Articles and committee statements lag by weeks and months,” Palter says. “In a crisis of this magnitude, our platform enables clinicians to devise real world solutions in real time. By gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information faster to the right people, we can save lives.”

For each of these sessions, the top experts debate and explore the most vital controversies and issues facing practitioners today. The most important voices the Summit seeks to amplify are the people who are saving lives on the ground.

Past Lodestone fertility events have included participants from over 60 major US academic institutions, 40 nations, and more than 25,000 registrants. Lodestone Technology, Inc., provides medical researchers and practitioners with the tools they need to accelerate new scientific developments. By providing new media platforms, Lodestone helps physicians to quickly understand the implications of new research, create worldwide collaborations, and learn about the clinical realities in their fields. Patented processes and the interactivity of the events makes them more impactful and engaging than other events. The deep discussions allow the analytics to gather unique real-world decision-making data in aggregate from the events to drive real-world-practice change.

A second session, on the emergency fertility guidelines recently released by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), was held on Friday March 27th. Additional sessions on PPE, women’s health/patient education, and pediatrics are forthcoming in the next days and weeks.

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