Emergency Garage Door Repair & Installation Service Fraud On The Rise NC

Unscrupulous Garage Door Repair vendors take advantage of how we search for services in an emergency and charge over-inflated prices for unnecessary repairs. Avoid them by following this advice.

You’re heading out for some much needed R&R when your garage door sticks half way down. The door release mechanism is jammed too, so you can’t manually open or close the thing. What do you do? Like most people, you get your smartphone out and Google ‘Garage Door Repair Services’ in your area and get a bunch of responses. It’s an emergency, so you pick the first company on the list, thinking that must be the best. Five hours later the door works again, but you’re stuck with a huge bill for stuff you thought worked just fine. How did that happen?

Nir Sharaby, owner of Tip Top Garage Doors in Charlotte, NC says “This is an all too common scenario that unscrupulous service companies exploit by setting up websites that rank high in our local area. Repair calls are almost always an emergency, meaning most callers don’t do any due diligence on their choice, they simply trust Google to provide the best possible repair company in the local area.”

It works like this; internet savvy companies set up multiple web sites in high population areas, usually with fake addresses and contact information. They quickly get the sites to rank on page one of the search engines using what’s known as ‘gray hat’ SEO techniques, then simply wait for folks with garage door emergencies to land on their sites. They use national call centers as hubs to take service requests and direct bogus local repair technicians to the caller’s location.

Trouble is, their service technicians are seldom experts in the garage door repair business and have been shown time and again to make unnecessary repairs, for which they then charge exorbitant rates.

Tip Top’s Sharaby notes “There are several ways to make sure you have contacted a genuine garage door repair service. First among these is doing a little research and finding a great repair outfit before you need their services. If you still find yourself in an emergency situation, make sure the person you call answers the phone with their name and the name of the company. Call centers don’t know who they will route your emergency to until after you’ve made contact, so they never answer with the name of the company that will eventually come out to you. If they get past the first check, ask if they wear a uniform and have vans with the company logo. If they answer “No” to these there’s a strong chance you’ll become another victim”

Tip Top Garage Doors is a highly rated garage door repair and installation specialist in the Charlotte NC area.

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