Emerald Health LLC Improves Website Security with Addition of HTTPS

Emerald Health LLC is a medical billing service that focuses on timely collection of payments for medical practices, so physicians can focus on improving patient outcomes.

Massachusetts, USA—Emerald Health LLC is pleased to announce the improved security of its website with the addition of HTTPS. The comprehensive medical billing service allows physicians to focus on client outcomes by dealing with their revenue collection. The encryption of their extant website address, www.emeraldhealthllc.com, is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to ensure the complete security of patient and client information.

The ‘s’ in HTTPS stands for ‘secure’. With this encryption, any website’s security certificate is checked by an internet user’s browser to ensure the certificate and its origin are valid. The HTTPS process means nobody can access the site visitor’s information while it is being sent to or from Emerald Health LLC. This is also how website visitors can be certain they are visiting the correct website and not a falsified version. With this added layer of encryption, Emerald Health LLC assures that clients can now have additional verification that their data is protected and safer than ever before.

Emerald Health LLC has embraced state-of-the-art website encryption primarily because they manage extensive private information. These include electronic medical records software, medical billing, and records of chronic care management. These services make processes involving data and billing easier and quicker for physicians, thereby helping medical practices to increase revenue. With such sensitive information at the forefront of their business, Emerald Health LLC finds it imperative to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.

One of the company’s main goals is to make it easier for physicians to focus on administering treatment rather than on collecting payments. They take an approach that reduces the number of claims in accounts receivable while it maximizes collections. This happens through a process of billing and coding tasks. They state that without the help of their service, many offices require extra staff time spent on administrative duties rather than attending to patients. The addition of HTTPS to their website will help ensure the security of these procedures.

An accelerated cash flow alongside meaningful use of a physician’s time is the ideal situation for a medical practice. Emerald Health LLC is excited to continue its work with its secure, encrypted website.

To learn more, they invite medical practice personnel to visit their website at https://www.emeraldhealthllc.com/ or contact their representative via phone or email.

Release ID: 88938016