Launches Real-Time Translation Email Services

The leading pay-as-you-go email and survey provider,, just launched the ability to send an email and have it instantaneously received in any language the reader chooses

The leading pay-as-you-go email and survey provider,, just launched the ability to send an email or SMS in any language, and have it be received in the language choice of the reader instantaneously. This new service is fully enabled for all current customers and all new customers, so now every single campaign can be sent multi-channel empowering you to reach and engage with more of your customers. CEO, Mike Hoyman, said, “Multiple language support is so much more powerful than simple translation services. actually detects the language keyboard that your reader is using and dynamically delivers the text in the desired language. If you have a reader who has translated a message from you in the past into a different language, will remember that language and give you the option to deliver your messages in that language moving forward.”

Business relationships all start with great communication, and e-commerce trends show that the majority of e-commerce customers globally speak Mandarin, Japanese, German, Spanish or French. By 2040 it is estimated that 95% of all commerce will happen online, and more than 70% of all shoppers are more likely to purchase a product presented in their native language.

“With the transition to home-based everything in 2020, meets businesses’ demand for delivering a single message to people across the globe. We are proud to enable business communication in any business with the simplicity of clicking a button. customers are leading the charge and ready to take on the next big moves in e-commerce, and we are happy and ready to empower them to do it,” said Hoyman.

Real-Time translation services are available immediately for all customers, and as an available upgrade for all new customers beginning today.

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