Email/Social Media Marketing Strategy – Small Business Growth Webinars Launched

As more businesses move to a digital-first approach, a new website known as Online Marketing Strategies has been launched to provide advice to small businesses.

The new platform offers a range of complimentary webinars and articles on topics such as email, social media, influencer, and content syndication marketing. Presenters are often successful entrepreneurs who have significant experience in the digital sphere, including Chris Munch, Justin Atlan, and Winter Vee.

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With the e-commerce space becoming increasingly crowded, more businesses are discovering that they need to refine their marketing approach in order to get noticed. The recently launched service provides insights into how this can be achieved using real-world examples.

The events of 2020 only served to accelerate the global trend towards online shopping. Oberlo reports that there are approximately 2.14 billion digital consumers as of 2021, and that number is only expected to continue growing.

It is not only existing businesses that are transitioning to the online environment. Advances in technology are also creating new opportunities for digital entrepreneurs. However, as the new website demonstrates, the rapidly changing world of internet-based business is also leading to innovations in marketing methodology.

As an example, one article on the new platform introduces readers to the concept of content marketing. A far cry from simple posts on Facebook, this technique involves the publishing of content on third-party platforms in order to reach a wider audience. The article provides insights into how this approach can be leveraged to maximum effect.

Email marketing is not a new concept, but another article on the site demonstrates how this method should be tackled in the modern era. Opt-in lists and email series are explained, as well as strategies for understanding target audiences and creating engaging email titles.

About Online Marketing Strategies

The new platform aims to help online businesses gain an understanding of digital marketing. It focuses on the 7 c’s of successful marketing, those being customers, convenience, competition, communication, consistency, creative content, and credibility. Users are provided with a step-by-step guide for the creation of robust online marketing strategies.

A representative of the new website stated: “Our service offers genuine content and programs. It includes free webinar events on important marketing topics to help new marketers build a successful business.”

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