Email Marketing Strategies Customization And Segmentation Webinar Launched

U Win Marketing has just launched an email marketing webinar, which endeavors to teach entrepreneurs and marketers ways to achieve higher open rates and overall better results.

Providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools they need to promote their businesses online, U Win Marketing launches a new email marketing webinar. The program identifies strategies that marketers can try as they work on improving their email engagement rates, and ultimately, their sales.

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The newly launched online seminar is designed to benefit both those who have no experience in email marketing and those who have been seeing minimal success with their ongoing efforts. While its main focus is on exploring strategies known to boost email marketing performance, it also touches on missteps that need to be avoided for better results.

Customization is one of the techniques that the webinar covers. Put simply, it involves the minor modifications that marketers can implement to craft more personal emails. Common examples would be addressing the customer by their names and using the pronoun “you” in the text.

The webinar also stresses the importance of mobile-friendliness for higher chances of reaching more customers and lower risks of being ignored. Considering that 47% of emails are opened on mobile devices, this part of the training shares tips on making messages more optimal for smaller screens.

Segmentation is another method that U Win Marketing recommends in their web-based course. It allows email marketers to group customers so they can adjust their approach and connect better with each market segment. Groupings can be determined by factors like location, preferred medium, or product interests.

The webinar discusses many other best practices, such as providing value to customers to keep them interested, and timing the release of the emails for maximum impact. The resource can be accessed for free, so the only investment it requires of marketers is time.

Interested parties may click on the above URL to access the webinar’s sign-up link.

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