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Penrith Website Services has released a new report on List Launch Pro’s email marketing training program that helps businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to implement strategies to get their first 5000 email subscribers.

In the recent report, Penrith Website Services outlines the training’s seven-part video series, which covers everything newcomers need to know in order to build a strong email list from scratch.

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As the new report explains, the video training also includes valuable resources such as pre-built lead capture pages and auto-responders to give attendees a jumpstart on their marketing journey.

Despite the ever-changing online world, which sees social media platforms rise and fall in popularity, the only consistently effective method of marketing has been through email. This resilience is based on the private and accessible audience that building an email list provides, compared to being seen on competitive social media feeds. However, learning how to build an email list can be challenging, especially for those just starting out.

Penrith Website Services’ report on List Launch Pro explains how their training has been specifically designed to help those with no previous experience or knowledge of email marketing by providing an ‘over the shoulder’ look at the process. This personal, hands-on approach to coaching allows attendees to see the exact steps and clicks they need to follow when making their own lists.

The report explains that the training is suitable for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business journey who want to build an email list of 5000 subscribers. The streamlined and focused videos offer straightforward training without excess filler or unrelated information, making them ideal for those working on their businesses, both full or part-time.

Created by Winter Vee and Tim Tarango, the List Launch Pro training also includes access to an integrated dashboard. This platform helps students to monitor the growth and opt-ins of their email list without having to rely on any additional third-party applications or installations.

As mentioned in the report, “This is like getting private business-building coaching from two of the world’s best online business consultants from the comfort of your living room.”

Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about List Launch Pro can also attend a webinar, where they can discover how to sign up for the training and what to expect.

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