Email List Building Digital Marketing Platform Expert Online Course Launched

Builderall has recently launched a course on email list building. The course aims to help entrepreneurs build their clientele using expert email marketing tools.

An online all-in-one web design and digital marketing platform have recently launched a training course. Builderall’s new course aims to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools needed to build an effective email marketing list.

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The newly launched training course is an extension of Builderall’s commitment to providing entrepreneurs with the tools needed for success.

The email list building course consists of 35 daily sessions. This is divided into four live sessions and thirty-one e-learning sessions. The first four days of the course aims to deliver the content through live Zoom videos. These videos feature discussions amongst the course lecturers. The live sessions aim to provide students with the chance to have an audio-visual interaction with the lecturers.

A digital workbook is provided for the first day. The workbook aims to aid students as they do the course. It contains simple evaluations that seek to highlight the most important concepts in the course.

The other thirty-one sessions feature some of Builderall’s email list building tools. They seek to provide students with the information they need to build similar tools for their businesses. These sessions utilize visuals and simplify the creation process of each marketing tool it introduces.

The course has been designed to deliver content through all the most effective learning methods available. It also aims to provide students with a comprehensive tool that they can apply easily to their businesses.

The founder of Builderall Erick Salgado started in 2008. He aims to transform the world through entrepreneurship by using digital marketing as a tool. Since its inception, Builderall has received over 250,000 satisfied user reviews, published more than 700,000 websites, collected over 50,000,00 leads, and sent more than 1.5 Billion emails.

One satisfied client had this to say,” Builderall has everything you possibly need to become successful online. I’ve turned a small investment into a small fortune with their 2Tier Commercial License in a matter of weeks!…”

Apart from delivering results, Builderall aims to provide affordable tools for entrepreneurs globally. As such, their email list building course is free of charge.

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