Email Jeet Cyril 2016 Desktop Autoresponder & Bulk Emailing Software Launched

Email Jeet, a new desktop mailing and autoresponder software allowing marketers to manage their list and email marketing efforts offline while sending targeted mass emails directly from their PC, using their preferred SMTP provider, has been launched.

A new desktop mailing and autoresponder software, entitled Email Jeet, allowing marketers to effectively automate their email marketing efforts and safely manage or segment their list offline while mailing directly from their PC, has been launched

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Email Jeet is a new email marketing automation tool developed by the renowned email marketing expert Cyril Jeet to provide marketers with a complete solution that includes autoresponder, opt-ins, unsubscribes or mail sequencing feautures, and more, to help optimize and improve their email marketing results.

The newly launched PC based mailing and autoresponder software allows users to easily import, manage and segment lists of any size and instantly send targeted bulk emails directly from their computer or VPS without being limited by the traditional third-party mailing or autoresponder services’ restrictions and/or having to upload their list online.

The Email Jeet software also supports opt-in forms or unsubscribes and offers highly reliable mail sequencing or autoresponder functions to provide a complete email marketing automation tool that also works with any professional SMTP provider, including Sendgrid, Dyn, Mailgun, Mailjet, AuthMailer,, and more, to ensure premier and flexible delivery.

More information on the newly launched Email Jeet software and the multiple email marketing automation and privacy benefits it provides, including the reliable, flexible and easy-to-use desktop based mailing and autoresponder features, along with a demo video showcasing the interface can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The developer, Cyril Jeet, explains that “Email Jeet is a powerful and complete desktop mail automation tool. It offers an easy to use interface that regular computer users can master in no time with all the must-have email marketing tools at their fingertips with no monthly fees or downtime and privacy concerns”.

He adds that “82% of companies use email marketing and the majority are using automation tools but the biggest challenge is getting the email delivered and opened. With Email Jeet, businesses or marketers have total control over their list and emailing while enjoying the flexibility to use any SMTP providers needed to keep their delivery and open rates high”.

Release ID: 124399