Email Database Marketing Small Business Lead Generation Online Course Launched

BOE24 Inc. of Las Vegas, NV has just launched an updated version of its email marketing training module, which teaches businesses the basics of effective database marketing.

Las Vegas, NV-based BOE24 Inc. announces the launch of its updated email marketing training program. Called Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy, this course helps companies generate more leads by sending compelling email campaigns to prospects.

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This program is especially geared towards small businesses that often have smaller marketing budgets or limited marketing staff. It seeks to help them master a cost-efficient yet highly effective channel to promote their business and attract clients.

BOE24 Inc. notes that while email is one of the earliest forms of digital marketing, it continues to provide one of the highest ROIs to marketers. Industry statistics show that for every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses can expect a return of up to $42.

The firm notes, however, that with the number of emails people receive in their inbox, cutting through the clutter is harder than ever. As such, it developed Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy to show business owners how to succeed with database marketing.

The course has a results-based curriculum that teaches students effective techniques for boosting their reach and sales. It focuses specifically on how to create campaigns with high open rates, the most important metric in email marketing.

Moreover, it also discusses the crucial topic of building and growing a relevant database that one can send emails to. The course will also cover how to segment campaigns according to target audiences to further improve response rates.

Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy is being offered for a special rate of $27 per enrollee. Interested parties can get a preview of the course by downloading a free special report on email marketing from BOE24 Inc.’s website.

BOE24 Inc. is a leading digital marketing consultant that provides training modules on a wide variety of topics and platforms. A spokesperson for the firm says: “Email marketing provides an excellent ROI, yet it remains underused because people don’t understand how to use it. With this course, we hope to enlighten people about the many benefits of this channel.”

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