Elrod Center Wants to Present Their Cyberbullying Prevention Plans to Mrs.Trump

Elrod Center founders are inviting First Lady Melania Trump to come to Eugene Oregon to discuss their scientific plans to help prevent Cyberbullying and to meet face to face with the parents.

Cyberbullying is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed now. It needs the help of not just the tech and social media giants but the whole nation online and offline. The co-founders of Elrod Center has a plan in placed to start a nationwide campaign and programs to help prevent the spreading of this behemoth crisis developing in our children’s mind.

The recent tragedy of the five completed suicides that happened in Eugene, Oregon area recently prompted Miss Stiegler to speak up about what the community can do to prevent the onslaught of children choosing to end their lives. You can watch the video interview conducted by Rick Dancer here https://www.elrodcenter.com/get-involved.htmlt

Julie Nowacki and Marian Steggler, the co-founder of Elrod Center said “we are helping children and adolescents heal through play and artistic expression with a variety of group therapy classes including creative dance, theater, drama, music, arts and crafts and therapeutic play. We will also offer journaling, creative writing and song​ ​writing.”

Those are some of the activities ElRod will offer ages two to 20 to give them an outlet to express themselves so they can process life’s hills and valleys in a safe and nurturing environment.

Elrod Center is inviting the First Lady Melania Trump to come to Eugene, Oregon to see what’s taking place in the small community of Eugene. And to present their therapeutic plans to strengthen the minds of the endangered youth and victims of cyberbullying.

Julie Nowacki quote “we recently were in a closed meeting with parents of a young girl who took her life and we met with our city mayor, city officials, government leaders, and school administrators etc to bridge the gap of the broken down communication and lack of resources for kids who are struggling.

Julie added… “My friend Marianne Stiegler is a licensed child and family therapist, with our combined efforts, we are bringing a brand new creative arts/therapy center into our area called ElRod Center. We are planning to bring solutions and offer creative strategies to increase social and emotional intelligence for kids 2-21 so they are equipped to handle what they are facing daily.”

They are also calling the office of the First lady Melania Trump to send someone from her administration to talk to them because they believe that they have the solution to impact the nation and bring hope and healing to our future generation of leaders.

About Elrod Center: A non-profit organization offering a variety of services that utilize the healing power of artistic expression, play and intervention. To learn more visit their website www.Elrodcenter.com or contact Julie Nowacki at julie@elrodcenter.com.

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