Elite Hail Systems Opens New Auto Hail Repair Location in Colorado Springs, CO

Elite Hail Systems' new Colorado Springs auto hail damage repair shop is well-equipped to take care of many area residents requiring assistance with Paintless dent repair to restore their cars.

Elite Hail Systems, an award-winning automotive hail damage repair company headquartered in Englewood, CO, announces the opening of a new Paintless dent repair facility in Colorado Springs, CO. The hail repair shop is located at 3108 Willamette Pl, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. While the area routinely sees its share of hail, this season has brought numerous damaging storms, leaving thousands of people with expensive damage on their cars and trucks, and a shortage of help to serve consumers.

Robby Searfoss, Founder and CEO of Elite Hail Systems, said, “We’re used to taking care of large numbers of cars at our home location in Denver. We get hit all the time. This year, a good number of storms hit the Springs and there’s a lot of people that need help but are having to wait for months because shops are backed up. We figured it made sense to go ahead and expand our operation again so we’ve just opened up and have started helping people out.”

Elite Hail Systems has been a top choice for PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) and full restoration of hail damaged cars and trucks in Colorado, having been voted Best of the Best in 2019, followed by a repeat performance in 2020, winning the Colorado Community Media award in 13 Colorado cities. Elite provides the expected professionalism and service; but they also routinely waive the insurance deductible for their customers, and provide a rental vehicle at no cost during the repair process, resulting in a net zero out-of-pocket cost to consumers.

The unusual business model allows Elite Hail Systems to assist auto owners who might otherwise simply ignore or be unable to handle the problem, and end up losing thousands of dollars in the value of their vehicle. It also allows Elite to continue their growth and expansion in order to help even more people.

Rob Nelson, Sales Manager and a Partner of the organization, said: “Almost no one understands that those almost invisible dimples on their car are absolutely devastating to the value of the vehicle. We see good people taking a hit for 5, 6… even 8 thousand dollars, all because they had no idea the hail damage was even there, or they thought it was cosmetic and very minor, and they had no idea how bad it is, or how easy it is to take care of it. Unfortunately they find out when they go to trade the car in, turn in a leased vehicle, or if they find themselves involved in an accident while they have thousands of dollars in pre-existing damage. We really love being able to help people avoid these common nightmares. That’s why we’re here.”

With their rapid and continuing expansion, their track record of awards, and online reviews that seem to read like a fairytale, Elite Hail Systems would appear to be well-equipped to assist people in the Colorado Springs area from their new facility at 3108 Willamette Pl.

Consumers seeking help with hail repair can reach out to Elite Hail Systems online at https://EliteHailCoSprings.com with live chat and online booking, or by calling (719) 337-4233.

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