Eliminating Subconscious Blockages – Jillian Schleger Podcast Interview Launched

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Marketing expert and podcast host Lois Wyant has released the latest episode of her new podcast, The Giant Builders, where she interviews author and mindset healing coach Jillian Schleger.

In this newly released episode, Lois brings on Jillian as a guest to talk about her career as an educator, author, holistic healer, and mindset coach.

More information is available at https://youtu.be/kb_0OBk3M6k or https://podcasts.bcast.fm/e/08jp7728-eliminating-blockages

The pair talk about how Jillian reached this point in her career, after trying various healing modalities that did not provide lasting results for the trauma, pain, and disease that her clients were battling.

Mindset altering is an effective method of counseling, as it changes the way a person thinks, feels, or behaves in any given situation. This, in turn, plays an important role in how people cope with challenges throughout their lives. During the podcast, Jillian talks about changing the mindset of her clients and coaching them to stop relying on other people and work towards their goals.

Throughout this episode, Lois and Jillian discuss the process of getting ‘stuck’ in a fixed mindset as children who are taught to rely on other people, and how this can be changed by taking away these limitations and teaching people to strive for what they want.

Jillian’s unique blend of healing aims to get to the root of the problems her clients are facing by identifying the core cause of the issues that are keeping them stuck. Her aim is to help clients take back control and push their lives in the direction they want.

She talks about the common thought patterns of self-doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, shame, and grief that her clients often approach her with, which have built up since childhood as people are encouraged to ‘go with the flow’ and never ask for more than they are given.

During the healing process, Jillian will talk to her clients about the dissatisfaction they feel in their lives, asking them to list the things they would most like to change. She then breaks these down into manageable tasks and neutralizes them by taking away the emotion and energy attached to these shortcomings.

The Giant Builders podcast started in November 2021 and is released every Tuesday, with each episode centering around one or more of the four building blocks of life: spirituality, health, family, and business.

One satisfied interviewee said: “I had a great time being interviewed by Lois on her podcast. She was very professional, and I felt comfortable talking with her.”

Interested readers can find out more about The Giant Builders and listen to this and other episodes here: https://thegiantbuilders.com

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