Elena Bulatova speaks out on the Importance of Art, Design and Collaboration

Art Is the New Must-Have Amenity for Leading Real-Estate Developers and Art is a big help to make a sale. Elena Bulatova is partnering with McClure to prove that art helps make a sale. All we have to do is choose a proper art piece.

When the original work of 2 artists collides, true magic happens!

Marc Maclure, a highly regarded builder, real estate developer in Southern California, a true craftsman within his industry, selected to align himself with Elena Bulatova Fine Art to stage his new development, the ultra-luxury custom crafted estate in the Madison Club. His selection is no surprise commissioning site-specific works by notable local artists Elena Bulatova and Efi Mashiah, who own multiple art galleries in California, and their art can be found in many private collections around the world.

Elena Bulatova has said it before, “Every project we do encompasses a heavy focus on art. We’ve done significant artwork in residential developments we work within”, she says. She further explained that Madison Club estate is designed to have an especially active art component, with a lot of custom paintings and sculptures carefully curated through the house by the duo artists themselves.

The interior of this custom estate built to perfection in Madison Club became alive because of the custom created art pieces from Elena Bulatova, and Efi Mashiah, artists, and owners of Elena Bulatova Fine Art Galleries. Many have said that art embellishes a home, it adds character, color, and texture that fabricates the soul of the house. Without a shadow of a doubt, carefully selected art pieces add tremendous value to any home not just aesthetically but financially as well!

At a time of near-constant residential development in some of America’s most prestigious communities, new luxury projects must go above and beyond to stand out within their league. This honed focus on art has proven successful – houses with curated art sell much faster than without!

Luxury estates with specific artworks appeal to potential buyers beyond the über-art-savvy; today’s clients want to invest in homes that have been thoughtfully executed from start to finish. That craftsmanship coupled with attention to artistic detail is seen as an indicator of quality development in the eyes of the discerning buyer.

Luxury buyers are drawn to the total package, to which art is now seen as integral. Incorporating art into your home is one of the most effective ways to elevate your everyday life and make a significant difference. Including just one piece of art, maybe painting, sculpture, an art installation, or maybe a framed photograph will instantly set you apart and will turn your home into something special!

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