Elementary School in Longmont Is Now Offering Fun & Conducive After School Care

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Twin Peaks Charter Academy is now putting parents' minds at ease during after-school hours by offering a complete aftercare program during the school week.

Longmont, CO – Elementary School and High School in Longmont, Colorado has announced they not offer an after school care program.

After school care is important in the overall education of students. When they leave the confines of their school, anything can happen. They can become targets of criminal elements and get exploited in the process. This puts them at risk of becoming victims of violence or participate in anti-social behaviors.

According to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, 49 percent are likely to have used drugs and 37 percent likely to become teen parents without an effective after school care program. Safety issues becomes a concern during after school hours. After school care allows students to learn new skills such as conflict resolution, preparation for a successful career, improving grades, and developing relationships with adults.

Building A Fun and Conducive After School Environment

Twin Peaks Charter Academy is an elementary school in Longmont that implements an after-school program. It aims to provide a fun, creative, and safe environment for students to engage in recreational activities and focus on their academic responsibilities.

At Twin Peaks, after school care means an opportunity for students to complete their homework as well as relax and have fun with friends while being supervised in a safe and trusted place. Students will be involved in a variety of planned and directed activities as well as outside play.

About Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks takes pride in being the only classical school in the St. Vrain Valley School District. It offers a unique alternative and choice for families. As a classical school, it is based on the timeless value of acquiring foundational skills and knowledge in a teacher-led classroom that lays the foundation for advanced study.

It is built on a mission of providing students with a rigorous education as well as the foundation of virtue and character while building cultural literacy through a content-rich curriculum in an encouraging environment.

For inquiries, call Twin Peaks Charter Academy at (720) 669-81-20 or visit their website at http://twinpeakscharter.org/

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