Elecyr and Liyuan to Offer Residential 'Forever Battery'

Elecyr Corporation and Liyuan Battery Co. will partner on residential solar energy storage using advanced graphene nanotube batteries. The breakthrough products will provide a 30-year, 30,000 cycle lifetime at a cost of 11¢ per kWh.

Elecyr Corporation based in Dover, New Hampshire, and Liyuan Battery Co., Ltd., of Shenzhen, China, have announced a joint marketing and development agreement commercializing two major advances in batteries for residential solar energy storage. Elecyr will introduce products in Q4 2015 using Liyuan’s graphene enhanced lithium iron phosphate batteries and Liyuan’s lithium-titanate advanced battery. The new batteries have all the advantages that LiFePO4 batteries have become known for – light weight, safety, and long life — but both provide additional advantages including a greatly enhanced cycle life. The LiFePO4 batteries will last 15 to 18 years for daily off-grid solar energy storage while the new lithium titanate batteries can truly be considered a “forever battery” with a life expectancy of 30 years daily charge and discharge.

Elecyr President Bill Southworth commented, “What this means for solar energy storage in the home is a dramatically lower cost per kilowatt-hour over the lifetime of the battery. Compared to a lifetime cost of $0.42 to $0.65 per kilowatt-hour for lead-acid batteries, the enhanced LiFePO4 batteries costs less than $0.07 per kWh. Although the initial cost of lithium titanate is high today, even now the calculated battery cost is less than $0.04 per kWh amortized over the battery lifetime.”

Elecyr Corporation is a leader in battery management electronics. The company is developing BMS systems tailored to the specific characteristics of these new cells in the high voltage packs required for residential and grid-level energy storage. The enhanced lithium iron phosphate cells will be first introduced in a new 3000 watt plug-and-play power system that can be home-owner installed by just plugging in low voltage solar panels. The lithium titanate cells will be used initially for larger 760 volt commercial peak-shaving applications at the 200kW to 500kW level, taking advantage of very high dissipation rate and long life of lithium-titanate.

Jack Zhr, CEO of Liyuan Battery stated, “Our close cooperation with experts from Beijing Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University has provided us with major advances in the application of graphene and nanotube research. Our lithium titanate batteries set a new standard in long life, environmental durability and high output. These batteries can charge or discharge at a temperature range of -40°C ~ 70°C at a rate of 6 CA. Our graphene enhanced LiFePO4 cells increase battery life and provide 50% more energy storage with no increase in weight or volume.”

Liyuan Battery Co., Ltd., is part of LIYUAN Power Group, a leading provider of electric vehicle powertrains and batteries. Liyuan Battery Co. was established in 2011 to develop advanced batteries utilizing the company’s extensive R&D and patent portfolio.

Elecyr Corporation of Dover, New Hampshire, manufactures the PowerStack family of plug-and-play battery-powered generators for homes and businesses. The systems range in capacity from 3 kW to 500 kW. Multiple Elecyr PowerStacks can be combined in a Digital Microgrid™ to connect intelligent power sources to consumers.

According to Elecyr’s Southworth, “Our partnership with Liyuan Battery has provided us with a product that is more reliable, durable and affordable than anything on the market. For our customers this means a simple installation, better service and energy independence for cities and remote villages alike.”

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