Electric Motor Manufacturer, ARC Systems Inc. Marks 50 Years In Business

Specialty electric motor manufacturer, ARC Systems Inc. is proud to announce 50 years in business as a source for custom motors and motion control solutions that serve the needs of aerospace, medical, marine, power, telecommunications, and other industries.

Having opening its doors in 1967 to serve the needs of the aerospace industry as an electric motor manufacturer, ARC System Inc. is now proud to announce its 50th year in business. The specialty electric motor provider is still going strong and continues to serve the needs of customers in aerospace, as well as many other industries.

Over the last five decades, ARC Systems Inc. has worked to maintain the philosophy on which they were founded, and that is to be a fully integrated, completely self-sufficient facility. That approach to serving customers and creating electric motors has enabled the manufacturer to become uniquely capable and flexible when it comes to designing and engineering specialty electric motors and other motion control solutions that perform so reliably in a precise application, including some of the most demanding operational settings.

Beyond fulfilling their role as an AC servo motor manufacturer, ARC Systems Inc. has focused on what they provide to customers apart from a finished product. Their in-house engineering team makes it possible for the company to serve a range of different needs and at multiple stages of sourcing motion control solutions.

Whether customers require a design be taken from concept to a fully operational, finished product, or if they simply need a brushless motor manufacturer to serve as a reliable and cost-effective provider of custom motors, ARC Systems Inc. has long fulfilled its role as a one-stop source.

Their small but accomplished team has made all the difference in ARC Systems’ ability to not only compete but thrive as an independent manufacturer. While their operations fifty years ago were primality focused on designing and building motors for various aircraft, the company now has extensive experience creating motors, and other components, for equipment used in medical, marine, power, telecommunications, and many, many other industries.

ARC Systems Inc. continues to grow and broaden their ability to meet the needs of these and other markets. The company has recently updated their website and offers a range of options for specifying motor requirements and learning more about their unique capabilities. More information can be found at ArcSystemsInc.com

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