Electric Fireplace Reviews: New Site CozyByTheFire.com Is A Unique Review Site

Cozy by the Fire is a newly launched electric fireplace review site serving consumers. It provides comprehensive, honest and unbiased electric fireplace reviews. The site is committed to educated consumers making good buying decisions on electric fireplaces.

CozyByTheFire.com, is a recently launched electric fireplace review site making waves in the industry. It is gathering praise for their stance on providing honest and truly comprehensive reviews in the rapidly growing consumer market for electric fireplaces.

Cozy by the Fire owner Bill Urell takes the position that there is a real need to educate people about what a great choice an electric fireplace can be. The site mission is to have educated consumers making good buying decisions. It has become apparent that most existing reviews are simply rehashed product descriptions. Cozy by the Fire provides much more. Cozy by the Fire provides comprehensive, honest reviews and reveals really well researched, valuable information.Each review is similar with an easy to read format and covers the quality of flame effects, the heating capability, details of the controls, safety features and set up. Also covered is the projected cost of operation, dimensions, pros and cons, consumer ratings, customer value and price. Video is provided if available.

This new site gives objective analysis of the best selling wall mount electric fireplaces, free standing electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts. The site offers insight into how each product matches the needs of certain buyers. Clear guidance is given on the type of buyer who will most benefit from each product and whether it is a good value at the current price.

Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to wood burning or gas fired fireplaces. They are a more efficient, safer, and more ecologically friendly choice. The technology has made tremendous strides forward in producing more realistic fire and flame effects and more efficient heating systems. They provide ambiance and can be a fashion forward room focal point.

In addition to fireplace reviews there are detailed general information articles such as ‘Electric Fireplace Pros and Cons’, ‘Electric Fireplace Safety Tips’ and information on the operating costs, efficiency, and ecological friendliness of these units.

The newly launched site is Cozy By The Fire at http://cozybythefire.com/.

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