Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney Assists Those of Foxboro, MA

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For excellent legal counsel related to elder law, estate planning and trust administration and probate for the area of Foxboro, Massachusetts, please contact attorney Brigitte von Weiss. More information is available at http://vonweisslaw.com.

As a senior, one should begin estate planning to protect their assets for the benefit of loved ones. Attorney Brigitte von Weiss has the knowledge and expertise to provide excellent assistance and guidance in matters of elder law, estate planning and trust administration and probate. Serving the area of Foxboro, Massachusetts, she is well-versed in the rules and protocols of MassHealth, including the best measures to take when attempting to shield the home. She also handles the application process and hearings. In the realm of estate planning, she works with wills, trusts to avoid probate, trusts for minors and young adults, powers of attorneys, trusts to minimize estate taxes, special needs trusts and more. In terms of trust administration and probate, she provides assistance with the probate of a will or the management of an intestate estate. She also helps with conservatorships, guardianships and ancillary probate. To learn more, please visit her website at http://vonweisslaw.com.

Ms. von Weiss earned her Juris Doctor with honors from Loyola University of Chicago Law School. In addition to her legal training, she has an extensive background in nursing having graduated from Boston College School of Nursing and then practicing as a registered nurse for four years. This education and practical experience has equipped her to listen carefully to the needs of others, especially of elders. Always having to practice good communication with patients, this has also trained her to provide information about detailed and technical options in terms that everyone can comprehend. She is skilled at working under crisis conditions, such as situations where a person is terminally ill, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, in need of at-home care or placed in a nursing home. Because of nursing, she is able to better understand and empathize with people encountering medical, long-term care and end-of-life issues. Most importantly, nurses want to help people, as is exemplified by Brigitte von Weiss, Esq.

The website listed above provides insightful testimonials about her work. There one can also find answers to frequently asked questions concerning Massachusetts and federal estate taxes, the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code and programs in Massachusetts that allow elders to stay in their homes instead of going to a nursing home. If one needs further details or has a specific issue or issues that they are dealing with, please call Ms. von Weiss at 508-238-5005 for a free phone conversation.

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