El Segundo CA Creative Digital Marketing Strategy – Innovation Report Released

El Segundo, CA - London : Los Angeles (LO:LA) releases a new report on the importance of curiosity in the workplace. Written by the agency’s CEO and Founder, Nicholas Pratt, the report asks, “Why are businesses so afraid of curiosity?”

The answer is not as straightforward as most people would expect, reveals the latest report by LO:LA. It explains that even among creative agencies, thinking outside the box is often approached with great hesitancy due to a misconception that innovation is synonymous with chaos.

More details can be found at https://www.thelolaagency.com/2021/12/13/curiosity-killed-the-cat-but-not-your-business

The recent report says that today’s business leaders place more value on efficiency over creativity and curiosity. While understandable to some degree, the extent to which it is prioritized typically leads to the death of any form of psychological safety in teams.

Platt clarifies that the power of curiosity is in its potential for problem-solving. He says that all of the world’s greatest inventions began with someone being curious. From the wheel to modern computers, curiosity has been the catalyst for much growth and is essential to the civilization of the modern world. He argues that society needs curiosity and questions why businesses are afraid to apply it within their operations.

In his report, Platt says that placing too much importance on efficiency kills innovation and may even cause teams to become unproductive. The risk, he clarifies, is that team members may become stagnant in their thinking. The belief that “don’t fix what isn’t broken” becomes too pervasive that any potential for growth is stifled. Instead, members should be inspired to think “how can I improve existing systems?”

The new report says that business leaders need to strike a balance between efficiency and innovation to ensure the sustainability of operations while encouraging growth. It offers advice on what leaders can do to empower their teams.

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