El Segundo CA Creative Brand Identity For Startups – Marketing Report Released

El Segundo, California-based creative and marketing agency London : Los Angeles (LO:LA) has released a report that discusses the important role smart, cohesive branding plays for companies in the startup phase of their growth process.

The new report notes that in today’s complex marketplace, well-conceptualized, creative branding is vital to the success of any startup. It is what sets a product or service apart from the competition, motivates creative and marketing teams to achieve desired goals, and promotes top-of-mind awareness among target audiences. LO:LA specializes in branding for companies of all sizes, and in all sectors.

More information is available at https://www.thelolaagency.com/2021/05/19/a-common-pitfall-for-startups

Experts in brand and identity, LO:LA shapes and defines the purpose of their clients’ products and services by clearly communicating what distinguishes their brand from others in their segment. In their recent report, “A Common Pitfall for Startups,” LO:LA says establishing a strong and unique brand message early in the startup phase means developing more than just a logo or clever copy.

Authored by Nicholas Platt, CEO and Founder of LO:LA, the agency’s report says a well-defined, cohesive brand identity prevents wasted resources and missed fundraising opportunities. It also prevents audience confusion, something that is difficult to overcome going forward.

A good brand, says the report, connects with customers on an emotional level, as though the brand were speaking directly to them. This is what persuades audiences to act according to pre-determined business goals.

As a full-service creative and marketing agency, LO:LA offers full-scale brand rollouts for larger companies and organizations, and a product called “Brand in A Box” for small and midsized companies with more austere budgets.

The core components that define the branding process at LO:LA include brand strategy, brand voice, audience definition, identity design, trends and insights, and a go-to-market plan.

The agency helps its clients define the “why,” the persona, the logo, and the websites that set the stage for successful marketing and advertising campaigns to come.

In his report, Platt says, “How you present your business, and its promise are critical first steps for startups. When times get tough, having a compelling brand with a clear message and common ground can be your greatest asset.”

With the release of their recent report, Platt and the creative and account teams at LO:LA are helping today’s startups understand the crucial elements that define a well-conceptualized brand, and why these foundations must be in place if a business wants to distinguish itself as a leader within its segment and top-of-mind among target audiences.

Visit https://www.thelolaagency.com/2021/05/19/a-common-pitfall-for-startups to find out more.

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