El Paso TX Stem Cell Therapy For Parkinsons – Regenerative Treatments Launched

Trinity Stem Cells (956-267-1586), a regenerative medicine clinic, has announced that it has initiated stem cell treatment therapies for Parkinson’s disease in El Paso and surrounding areas, including Fort Stockton, Odessa, and San Angelo.

The clinic, which treats patients at Lourdes Surgery Center in Juarez, has now introduced Wharton’s jelly umbilical mesenchymal stem cell (WJ-MSC) therapies for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This treatment is also known as UC-MSC therapy.

More information can be found at https://trinitystemcells.com/therapies/stem-cell-therapy-for-degenerative-disease

Trinity’s new treatment practice takes advantage of these cells’ ability to modulate the immune system, inhibit inflammation, and promote regeneration of the target tissue. This allows patients to replace lost cells and facilitate the repair process of their existing cells. Additionally, WJ-MSC treatment can prevent additional cells from dying through the release of anti-inflammatory agents, which can both relieve symptoms and promote healing in the body.

The MSC market size is anticipated to grow by over 4% annually over the next 3 years, to climb over $230 million. Wharton’s Jelly stem cells, derived from the gelatinous connective tissue of umbilical cords, are among the most well-studied regenerative medicine sources, and are considered the new benchmark for MSC-based therapies.

For patients with Parkinson’s disease, an individual pre-treatment consultation with one of Trinity’s physicians will establish the appropriate treatment protocol. Stem cells are typically administered into the body using IV solution or injections; once the stem cells are in the body, their objective is to fight off inflammation, reduce pain, and regenerate affected tissues.

After the Wharton’s jelly stem cells are positioned in an environment of damaged tissue, injured cells are nourished, and other cells are stimulated to join in the healing process – in what are termed the paracrine and autocrine effects. Results achieved include pain reduction, muscular strengthening, cartilage regrowth, and improved mobility.

Trinity Stem Cells was founded to provide the global community with treatments that few people know are available, and to offer health outcomes that exceed what most people ever imagined were feasible. The clinic’s medical director, Dr. Anna Lara Kattan, MD, is a member of the International Society for Stem Cell Application.

One Trinity patient suffering from diabetes said: “I’m thrilled how quickly Trinity Stem Cell’s treatment is working to restore my pancreas. In three days after my stem cell treatment, my glucose readings are the lowest since being diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago.”

Interested parties can find the clinic’s location at https://trinitystemcells.com/trinity-locations/juarez

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