El Paso TX Locksmiths Contactless Payment Before Dispatch GOA Solution Announced

El Paso, Texas locksmiths can now offer customers contactless payment options using Xpress-pay. Deposits can be collected remotely prior to dispatch to prevent "gone on arrival" losses.

Xpress-pay announced its contactless payment solution for El Paso, Texas locksmiths who require touch-free options for collecting deposits and balances. Xpress-pay allows customers to pay in advance using a variety of digital payment methods, eliminating “gone on arrival” situations that would otherwise result in financial loss.

For more details, please visit https://grabcustomers.com/contactless-payments

Xpress-pay aims to provide El Paso-based locksmiths safe and efficient contactless payment options that quickly process customer transactions in advance or on-site. Deposits can be easily collected remotely before jobs are dispatched, and the balance due can be processed on any mobile device as soon as the work is complete without the need for any additional equipment.

Touchless payment options are in high demand as businesses adapt to CDC recommendations to eliminate the physical exchange of credit cards, pens and receipts. Contactless transactions are also faster and more efficient, allowing locksmiths to get back to work instead of wasting time troubleshooting a card that won’t swipe or a faulty chip.

Xpress-pay gives locksmiths the ability to offer customers a variety of payment methods including text, QR code, or email link. Credit card information is entered and verified directly by the customer, greatly reducing the risk of chargebacks and fraud. The secure digital wallet capability allows recurring customers to store multiple payment methods for their convenience.

For larger jobs such as electronic access installations, window and door repair and B2B projects, Xpress-pay offers Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), the ability to instantly send invoices with payment links.

Xpress-pay typically reduces the amount of money spent on credit card transaction fees, and funds collected from customers are available in approximately two business days.

While Xpress-pay is a fully standalone solution, the service can also integrate with existing cloud-based customer portals and POS systems if needed. Xpress-pay offers contactless payment implementation consultations, and enrollment includes a free one-hour coaching session and live VIP support.

By providing its robust e-payment service to locksmiths in the El Paso, Texas area, Xpress-pay continues its tradition of bringing digitization of the payment process to local businesses while reducing monthly credit card processing costs.

“We know times are really tough right now, and many businesses are trying to adapt to the need for contactless interactions,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Xpress-pay helps local businesses provide safe and easy digital payment options for their customers.”

Interested parties can visit the above-mentioned website for more information and a complimentary product demo.

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