El Paso Health Insurance May Depend on Justices Decision on Mandate in 2021

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in El Paso, says a congressman has introduced a revised Affordable Care Act bill that would appease parties on both sides of the aisle.

El Paso health insurance and those who have it continue to wait and see what happens with the Affordable Care Act when the nation’s highest court begins hearing formal arguments for and against the bill on November 10. But as millions of Americans have lost health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic, an effort to compromise on coverage and pull in positive elements from all healthcare policy options is beginning to gain momentum among legislators.

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According to a report by kxan.com, Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-AR, has introduced what he has named the Fair Act of 2020, a bill that he says combines both parties’ priorities for patients and taxpayers, especially those who have health insurance in El Paso. His goal is to cover more people, lower costs, and, more importantly, cover preexisting conditions. The report said that the protections for preexisting conditions are actually a direct copy of what is currently in the ACA. The Fair Act of 2020 would also expand on insurance exchanges to create more competition among providers.

Rick Thornton, an El Paso health insurance agent, said he is reserving judgment on the new plan until he can learn more but added that it does appear on paper to be a healthy compromise. The current administration has failed thus far to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and many detractors say that the President has yet to spell out plans for a new bill. On top of that, the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett appears to spell out a death sentence for the ACA. Essentially, that has consumers wondering what will happen if the ACA is struck down. The Fair Act is something that could be pushed into law within a matter of weeks, and everyone should be paying attention to what happens next, Thornton said.

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