Egham Demolition Expert – Building Strip-Out/Waste Removal Website Launched

Feltham Demolition (0800 702 2602) has launched its new website. The company offer demolition services including building destruction, demolished waste removal services and asbestos cleanup.

The launch comes in the wake of Feltham Demolition’s rebranding initiative and aims to provide a platform for clients to find comprehensive demolition and waste removal services. Feltham Demolition aims for their website to be a one-stop location for expert demolition solutions.

More information can be found at:

The announcement provides interested clients with easy access to more information on the company’s demolition solutions.

As age increases and the structure of a building declines to the point that it is unsafe or no longer useful, or when a new building project has been agreed, demolition and dismantling is the best way to prepare a site for the next stage. Proper demolition ensures waste removal occurs in the most environmentally friendly way and provides safe solutions for removing hazardous waste materials. Proper demolition and waste removal ensures a clean slate for new construction and clients know there will be no unresolved issues from the previous builds.

Feltham Demolition website creates a platform to find the best solutions for any demolition project. Demolition services include site clearance, building strip-outs, asbestos removal and groundworks services for builders, property developers, and homeowners.

Experts at Feltham Demolition also provide specialised demolition services like chimney breast removal, lift shaft removal, solutions for removing tanks and containers as well as garage removal. For renovations and modifications to buildings, cut and curve demolition allows developers to re-engineer a building to make changes or correct damage.

Using their Grab Waste removal services, Feltham Demolition provides 8-wheeled lorries with a large bucket crane and storage bin to pickup, store and move waste. Once the container on the lorries is filled, Feltham Demolition will drive it away. The Grab Waste removal service eliminates the need for large waste bins to be left sitting on the property.

Asbestos is extremely toxic and can be very dangerous if not dealt with in a proper and safe manner. Feltham Demolition has the equipment and expertise to assess asbestos through site surveys and remove asbestos safely.

With the website launch Feltham Demolition continues to grow its range of demolition and waste removal services over the greater London area. Based in Egham, Feltham Demolition regularly works in the surrounding Surrey and London area.

A representative for the company said: “With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our demolition contractors deliver skilful solutions to builders, property developers and private homeowners.”

Interested parties can find more information at:

Release ID: 89066503