Egg Free Baking Website – – Helps Parents as Allergies are on the Rise

Childhood allergic reactions have risen steadily since 1997, according to new data from the US Journal of Pediatrics. Online food portals such as are becoming every parent's rock.

Philadelphia, USA – August 24th, 2014 /PressCable/

After the US Journal of Paediatrics' research studies have shown a 50% rise in child allergies between 1997 and 2011 (with no signs of slowing down), online food portals such as are becoming every parent's rock. The websites allow parents to stop limiting their child's diet, and instead use egg free baking for a wide range of foods, without risking allergic reaction.

An allergy to egg can mean an allergic reaction as minor as a rash, right up to full anaphylactic shock which is often life threatening. While many grow out of their child allergies by age five, this is arguably no good reason for excluding certain culinary experiences from a young person's diet. If a child is not exposed to varying foods they are more at risk of becoming ‘fussy eaters' and thus have an unbalanced diet, even when their child allergies have ceased. Egg free baking is also becoming more popular amongst parents of children who are not allergic, but whose classmates and friends are, as even skin-contact with egg can cause anaphylaxis.

“Every food has a possible alternative,” says Madhuram, founder of “and while egg allergies are often severe, egg free baking is so easy that there's really no need for parents to limit their child's diet. They can be exposed to every flavor and texture out there.” is a recipe site and blog for children and adults who have egg allergies, but also vegetarians as every recipe is meat and egg-free, with some dairy-free and vegan-friendly recipes too. Despite many of the recipes giving egg free baking alternatives to what some people consider ‘fatty foods' such as muffins, cakes and cookies, the recipes are low fat and catered towards a healthy lifestyle.

At present, no medical organizations or scientific efforts have been able to pinpoint exactly why instances of childhood allergies have been rising dramatically since 1997. Yet despite this unavoidable occurrence, parents are finding a way around the problem. While eggs were a once-essential ingredient in recipes for cakes, breads, cookies and pizzas, websites like are showing that egg free baking and the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are just as easy and even healthier for children and adults alike.

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